3 Days…….2 Posts

Okay, here I am. Sitting here at my machine and wondering what i should put down to fill the big blank space on this page. Shouldn’t it be something profound and moving? Afterall, people who visit blogs want to be entertained and tittilated. Or maybe I should write a touching poem that will leave the readers misty eyed and satisfied. God, what crap runs through my mind whenever I’m faced with a blank page!

 Right! So there’s no poems that seem to pop into my mind nor is there anything totally profound that’s just waiting to erupt from my mind. So instead, let me tell you about a conversation I had with three actual writers yesterday. Having told them about my blog and what I was hoping to achieve with it, I was soon listening to a discussion of what exactly defines a writer. Well, the long and short of it was, that even though I may not love to write, I still DO classify as a writer simply because I write. Whether I write for pleasure or for filthy lucre does not seem to make much of a difference in their opinion.

So does this mean that my search is over almost before it began? I don’t think so. For me this seems to be a sort of easy way out. So I think I will continue to blunder around trying to make sense of what makes one a writer in the truest sense.

Before I log off, as a true writer, I should have an enduring love for Shakespeare, Yeats, Jane Austen, yada, yada, yada ad nauseum right? The truth is I don’t. I’ve never ever read any of the so called literary giants. In fact I find them quite boring. Does this mean I don’t have the true writers soul that yearns for such inspirational food?


2 Responses to “3 Days…….2 Posts”

  1. themissingsandwitch Says:

    Not at all. It all depends on how you look at it la! For me, reading Shakepeare, Yeats, Donne, Austen blah blah etc etc actually didn’t influence me as a writer at all. It taught me about the human psyche. He/she who can capture and relate to insights on who we are and why we do what we do and write it down makes for a good writer. So in my opinion I am putting you up there with good ol’ Billy Shakes and the clan.

  2. brandix Says:

    as we discussed yesterday, writing can either come out of passion – using the craft to manipulate human emotion or make people feel through a string of words that would seemingly be ordinary on a piece of paper. Or it can come out of necessity – earning your living through twisting a few words here and there so people who read it are intrigued and well entertained by it.

    Remarkably enough though, you cannot do either if you do not have the talent. And I clearly believe that it is the talent that makes you a writer or anything else.

    My entire family is into music, we can all sing. My aunt in particular has this amazing ability to harmonize even without a main melody line being sung, she has the talent to sing – in other words, she is a singer. However, her passion lies in gastronomy and therefore she is a chef.

    Take me personally, you know me, and you know that I can be classified as an actor or dancer, because I have the talent to do both. Still, I prefer to be called a writer, because that is where my passion lies, doesn’t make me any less of an actor or dancer though does it?

    Bottom line, if you’ve got the talent, then you’re it.

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