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Themissingsandwitch blog has been blocked

June 20, 2007

Well, looks like we’re getting somewhere with this. themissingsandwitch blog is now inaccessible. So looks like this sicko will have to get his cheap thrills elsewhere….lol. This person seems to be quite a vindictive person as he/she or more likely ‘it’ has also hacked into themissingsandwitch’s gmail, hotmail and even her Hi5 account!

While we’re doing our best to track down this perv, it’s a good eye opener to all of us. You never know what sort of pervert is out there just waiting to get their kicks the moment our guards is down.

On a more personal note to the pervert who’s responsible for this, I am going to find out exactly who you are and then god help you mate, cos no one else will be able to.


Hacker is being traced

June 20, 2007

Just an update on the progress being made about themissingsandwitch hacking issue. I have spoken to friend who’s speaking to the internet branch of the police fraud bureau. He says they will definitely be able to track whoever this guy is. Apparently (I didn’t know this myself) each and every internet action that is done in Sri Lanka can be tracked by these guys. It has something to do with interpol and world terrorism and all that shit.

so hopefully we should know pretty soon who the hacker is and where exactly he’s hacking in from.


June 20, 2007

This is a notice to everyone who has ever visited THEMISSINGSANDWITCH blog. This Blog has been hacked into by some malicious person on 19/06/07. The hacker is right now posting as themissingsandwitch. This is a very dangerous thing for us bloggers, so please make your protests on this blog immediately. Also if there is anyone who knows how to rectify this issue pls contact me, as themissingsandwitch wud be eternally grateful to you for any help given.

even if you can’t help, please do the right thing and make your protests on what is happening right now.

Will keep updating you on the progress that we make.

Malicious Backstabbing Take 2

June 5, 2007

I thought it’s only fair by everybody to post an update to yesterday’s ranting tantrum. I had just walked into the office today, when the person concerned requested to have a chat with me. Having had a quick puff or two on a ciggie to brace myself, i walked into the boardroom and sat down.

I was shocked when the first words out of his mouth were “I would like to say sorry”. The discussion continued to the effect that he had made a mistake in discussing my personal stuff with an outsider and that it would never happen again. I was asked to also convey his sincere sounding apologies to my wife who he understands was put in a difficult position because of him.

The rest of the discussion was more on the lines of how much he as a senior management person appreciates and values my contribution to the agency, blah, blah, blah. I guess the big boss had given him a bit of a lecture on the ethics of our agency and the fact that we always look after our own and their families. No matter what.

I did voice my disappointment about the fact that things had to go this far and also made it clear that one of the main reasons for me to go into free lance work for a space of time was the levels of back stabbing and gossip that is constantly happening in the industry. So I can always walk out of here if it does happen again and tell him “I told you so”.

So thus ends the saga. I guess it’s good that I did wait till today to see what the developments would be. Of course, ever the cynic, ┬áit remains to be seen if the promises made will be lived up to in the future.

Malicious Back Stabbing

June 4, 2007

Ok. I’m trying very hard right now to keep from punching my computer screen in anger. Why am I so angry? It’s because I have a person in my office who is trying his hardest to make my personal life hell by gossipping about me and my wife.

What do you do when someone in senior management repeatedly does this?

Let me give you a couple of examples and you tell me if i’m justified in being this angry. On numerous occassions when I have been absent from office due to either migrane headaches or my wife being down with the flu, this person has made it a point to call my wife’s boss (a friend of his) and double check if she’s at work and if not what reason she has given for not being there. He has even gone to the extent of making remarks to the effect of “Oh, don’t buy that sort of fairytales from the two of them, they’re just undependable and probably just hung-over from partying too much”. This has had the end result of my wife catching hell from her boss. She already has enough on her plate and certainly doesn’t need this shit!

I have worked at another agency where this person was again in senior management and had made remarks about me to my wife’s boss (knowing full well that she was a good friend of my in-laws). In short, he had said that I was a flop, who was always turning up for work drunk and was on the verge of losing my job. Naturally, this was passed on word for word to most of my in-laws.

Today, he’s gone and done it again! Once again successfully screwing things up for my wife at her office. I think the time has come for me to confront this person in front of the management (as he’s part of the senior management) and ask him if he’s doing this because he has a personal problem with me or is this just for his personal pleasure because he’s got nothing better to brighten up his sad life. It’s probably my fault for not nipping this in the bud when it started. But better late than never I guess.

I do know that if this continues, I will have to reconsider my options of working here. I have always hated office politics, but this is taking it to a new dimension.

Will keep you updated on what develops. Either way the discussion goes, one thing I do know is this HAS to stop today!

Why do good people die?

June 4, 2007

It seems this blog is getting to be more and more about death than about the search for a writer’s soul. My last post talked about how much i missed my first dog and the effect his death still has on me. I thought that would be the first and only post regarding this mormid subject. Unfortunately, the fates seem to have other plans in mind.

Two days ago, Anura, a young, married guy from my office was killed in a motorcycle accident. Barely 32 years old, he left behind his wife and a little son to face the future alone. He was one of the nicest guys who worked with us, always having a smile on his face, no matter what his work load was. While there are others in my office with whom people have issues for various reasons are happily going about their lives, this guy is lying in a coffin.

I’m sitting here and wondering to myself why God or the fates or whatever higher power, is given the power to make such fickle and often vicarious decisions. I mean, where’s the justice or the fairplay we’re brought up to believe in? We’re always taught to believe in the greater good and how all things work out for the best. So where the best in this situation?

I really don’t know what I’m trying to say here. In a way, I guess I’m saying goodbye to a guy who didn’t deserve the hand that was dealt to him.

And in the end, I’m still sitting here asking the question why.