This is a notice to everyone who has ever visited THEMISSINGSANDWITCH blog. This Blog has been hacked into by some malicious person on 19/06/07. The hacker is right now posting as themissingsandwitch. This is a very dangerous thing for us bloggers, so please make your protests on this blog immediately. Also if there is anyone who knows how to rectify this issue pls contact me, as themissingsandwitch wud be eternally grateful to you for any help given.

even if you can’t help, please do the right thing and make your protests on what is happening right now.

Will keep updating you on the progress that we make.



  1. Rain Dancer Says:

    Oh shit…. just read about it in Brenda’s blog…. Shit… shit… shit….
    This is really sick man…..

  2. brandix Says:

    ok first of all brAnda!!!! for crying out loud man…..

    and yes i think it’s very sick too… natts was reading what this thing had written on her hi 5 this morning and it sounds so viciously disgusting it’s not funny!!!

    also… funnily enough… i never log out of my wordpress account and yesterday somehow i had to log IN to it like three times, which can only mean that someone else was attempting to logout for me… sick bastard…

    let’s find this fuck and make it sorry it was born!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. brandix Says:

    forgot to mention…. the logging in thing happened moments after i made the post about what had happened mind you

  4. thekillromeoproject Says:

    I think this sick fuck head is someone we all know very well. I also read the comments made on Natty’s Hi5 this morning. It all points to someone who knows her VERY well. Believe me, something like this can’t be kept secret for too long, sicko’s li this love to brag, so we’ll definitely find this creature very soon and get him good!

  5. D Says:

    any headway into it? gosh it’s sad that she’s been hacked on every account. is it someone at office? check the site below. with sites like these, anyone can hack 😦

    please do let us know any new developments.

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