Isn’t it really sad when someone you trust and look upon not just as friend but as a confidante, turns around and stabs you in the back? How do you deal with someone who you treated as a brother does something truely hateful and dispicable? Right now i’m trying to deal with just such a situation and I’m truely stumped for an answer. If it was someone I didn’t know, the answer would probably have been simple: punch him in the face………very hard!! But happening to know this person this well and also to now know that for the past few months he’s been laughing behind my back at the pain and stress being caused by everything he was doing, just takes the cake!

It seriously leaves me in a state of limbo, not knowing if I should just ignore what has been done or confront the person and also let the rest of our mutual friends know what a snake in the grass he is. I’m sure most people would be shocked that this person is capable of such a hurtful act, but the truth is, he is.

I know I have’nt mentioned who this person is or what the darstardly act is either, but that will have to wait for later… I will definitely let you know what i’m talking in the near future. And believe me, if you’ve read my blog before you’ll know what this is all about!

One Response to “Betrayal…”

  1. brandix Says:

    The answer is pretty simple paul… according to what i believe, there is no good or evil in this world, there are people and there are actions, each person’s actions determines the outcome of their life.

    It’s a pleasant or vicious cycle depending on whichever way you want to live your life.

    The snake in the grass must be killed, and the only way to kill a snake good and well is ONE severe blow to the head, cause if you don’t kill it in one go, you stand the risk of being stung again!

    The question is never whether to go against someone you consider your own or not. The question is are they right or wrong? Forget the good old days of the past spent with them and don’t think about what the outcome of the future will be. Live today, and according to me, your today says FIGHT TO RIGHT THIS WRONG!

    You know I’ll be fighting with you.


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