The Hacker Revealed!

Okay people, I know the updates to this Blog have been few and far between as of late. Those of you who know what happened to Themissingsandwitch will know the reasons behind the disillusionment I have been experiencing when it comes to blogs. But since themissingsandwitch has now come back on line and is writing once again, I felt that its high time I too was able to put what happened behind me and get back to the search for a writer’s soul and where that search will finally take me.

However, before I can do that completely, I need to put the ghosts to rest for good. In other words I need to tell the world who the hacker is. I do this not out of a sense of revenge, but more as a matter of duty to others who may also be attacked by this same person due to the misplaced trust they may have in him. If this person was capable of doing this to themissingsandwitch who has done so much for him on a personal level, he’s capable of doing much worse to people who are just nodding acquaintances.

I know that many people will be shocked at this revelation, much as I was.  This person was coached for two years in English Literature for his A/Levels absolutely free by the missingsandwitch, she supported him both emotionally and financially on numerous occasions especially when he decided to “come out of the closet”, has had numerous shouting matches with me in defending him and his actions,  introduced him to the world of advertising and even pressed me to push my boss into giving him a job (which I did). This person was taken into my agency and my own department as a trainee and I gave him every help possible to advance himself. He is now on the confirmed staff and is even entitled to a quarterly bonus scheme! Ok………ok………… I will stop going on with the numerous things done by themissingsandwitch and myself for this person as it would take up a few pages and a really long time to read.

Cutting to the chase, the hacker who basically went all out to hurt themissingsandwitch and destroy something which meant a hell of a lot to her is Jerome Zieglaar. Her very own cousin who she has treated as nothing less than her own brother! The reasons behind him doing this remain a mystery known only to his twisted mind. What made him decide to do this and continue to post the most hurtful and venomous things he could think of is beyond understanding. I think it takes a particularly vicious and perverted mindset to do such things. It reveals a dark side of him that needs serious help.

I have yet to speak to him and let him know that we’re aware of what he has done. The first reaction was to maybe break his fingers so he could not be able to use a keyboard again without remembering the pain he caused themissingsandwitch. But having spoken to people, Brandix included, whose opinions I respect, I have decided just to speak to him and tell him how disappointed and hurt we’re and then just cut him out of my life permanently. I have also informed my boss about what happened and told a few others in my office just so they could be a little more careful of this “person”.

Honestly, its going to be really tough to completely trust anyone again. Especially those who’re the closest to me and themissingsandwitch (Of course there’re exceptions to this rule and those people know what I mean). Of course I have made a conscious decision that what has happened is not going to change who I am, because if I let that happen then the hacker has won. I think the biggest impact on him would be to realise that he has had absolutely no effect on themissingsandwitch and myself, other than to make us stronger. As individuals and also as a couple. This experience put us through a major trial, but we came through it.

So, Jerome, if you hoped to achieve anything with the hurtful and callous things you did over the past few months…… definitely have. You’ve succeeded in disappointing 2 people who believed in you and wanted only the very best in life for you. You’ve also lost their friendship forever……. not that it seems to have meant very much to you in the first place.


10 Responses to “The Hacker Revealed!”

  1. Azrael Says:

    Wow what an A**hole… and him being her cousin too…and she didn’t hurt him??? I would have hurt him sooo bad…she must be a bigger person than most of the world 🙂

    Man some people deserve to be hung and shot…

  2. Joe Divola Says:

    May I ask how you found out it was this guy? In an earlier post you said that you had referred the case to the Police Internet Fraud department, who can track/trace all internet activity in the island?

    Is that true? Because although your story above is upsetting, it’s even more scary to know that we actually have little or no internet privacy in Sri Lanka.

    Is there something like a warrant that a judge has to issue to start an investigation on someone like this? Or can they just monitor anybody’s internet use without any kind of permission/legal process?

  3. thekillromeoproject Says:

    Actually it wasn’t through the police tthat we found out who the guy was. He was just stupid enough to leave too many tracks behind. The sort of tracks that an even better hacker would have no trouble in following.

    As to the privacy issue on the internet, yes, I do believe a judge has tto authorize the surveillance to be carried out. The system is in place and just needs to be activated as and when the need arises. Also the Police can’t take any action unless there is danger of financial or intellectual property loss.

    That in my opinion is quite sad, as in the case of themisingsandwitch, the feeling of loss and betrayal went beyond that of financial loss.

  4. Jack Point Says:

    Hey, this reads like a detective thriller.

    is this guy the man who was posting commenst as “Poojitha” as you originally suspected?

  5. thekillromeoproject Says:

    We seem to think this is the same person Jack. Afterall, ‘Poojitha’ was the only person who suggested the missingsandwitch apologize for the ‘things’ she has done and maybe the hacker would return her accounts to her! Sounds suspiciously like its the same person or its 2 people who know each others minds very, very well ya?

  6. serviceunavailable Says:

    Sigh! awful bugger! but hey, what goes around, comes around yaar!

  7. brandix Says:

    clever little bugger, or so he thought he was.

    but to go to the extent of trying to frame me for his sick actions is just the limit? what the hell did i ever do to him?

    but as azrael says, themissingsandwich is a bigger person than most of us and mr. hacker is lucky that she is because if she wasn’t, then i dread to think what that would have turned out like because sandwich has way too many friends who would do almost anything for her, unlike certain ungrateful……

    but now that the truth’s out, i like to see how he’s going to react to all of it.

  8. thekillromeoproject Says:

    Very true Brandy. He was probably laughing behind all our backs at the amount of hurt and suspicion he was causing. Unfortunately he didn’t count on the extremely strong bonds of friendship we have. Of course, someone like him wouldn’t be able to grasp the concepts of friendship and trust ya?

  9. Dili Says:

    God tht dude must be so screwed up. He probably needs a screwdriver to turn his head the right way so he can walk straight 😛 Good on you guys for coming through this stronger than ever.

  10. themissingsandwich Says:

    thank you all for the support… I am overwhelmed and overjoyed

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