Api Sinha Wansayen….. Amma Paa

Based on a very ‘spirited’ discussion I had with a few friends last night, I believe we have concrete proof that the Sinhalese people are actually descended from the lions. This conclusion was reached quite by accident, but I believe it still hold water.

The discussion was about a comment made on themissingsandwich’s blog about how a lion doesn’t fight pigs because he doesn’t want to get his paws muddy. From this point the discussion turned to the behaviour traits of male lions and how similar in fact the Sinhalese male is to them.

If any of you have seen a pride of lions hunting, it’s always the lioness that hunts and the lion then ambles up and starts eating first. In most ultra Sinhalese homes the wife will slave over the hearth to make the most delicious of meals which her husband will partake of first and then she will eat whatever is left. And god help any proper little wife who forgets the pecking order. See the similarity I’m getting at?

A lion will never hunt for its own food unless absolutely forced to. The same is true of most of our Sinhalese males. If there’s the slightest possibility of being able to sit under a ‘Kos Gaha’ and wait for a fruit to fall, without making the least effort to climb the tree, he will definitely do that. In short it takes extreme circumstances to motivate them to get off their asses and fend for themselves.

I’m sure if you think for a while, you’re sure to find many more similarities between the lion and the Sinhalese race.

So in conclusion, the ‘Api Sinhawansayen’ claim certainly holds true in this day and age.

3 Responses to “Api Sinha Wansayen….. Amma Paa”

  1. poetlost Says:

    That holds true for ultra conservative Tamil men as well, moreso in Indian Tamil households than Jaffna Tamils ones, but it does exist.


  2. --- Says:

    That is hilarious, but very true.

  3. thekillromeoproject Says:

    Glad to see some people agree with my view. Of course it was meant all in fun.

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