Communication issues

Has it ever happened to any of you, that you have this brilliant thought or idea in your mind but no one else seems to be able to see it just the way you do? This seems to be happening more and more often with me these days. Hence the blog post of yesterday. I find it to be very frustrating having to rely on someone else to bring the idea to life in pictures and colours, when they just don’t seem to be able to grasp the core idea in the first place.

I mean, I can see it in my mind and know exactly what the idea is going to look like when its put on a piece of paper, but somehow my art people don’t seem able to see it! It doesn’t help matters that my artistic abilities don’t extend beyond the drawing of stick figures, but then isn’t that what the art guys are supposed to be talented at? Taking a stick figure concept and turning it into a visual that makes people stop in their tracks?

At times I can’t help but wonder is it just me? I mean, am I not being clear enough in explaining the idea to them, or is it just the language I use? God! at times I hate the fact that we humans are restricted to having to communicate using words and pictures only. I men imagine how perfect it would have been if we had developed the talent for telepathy, all I would have to do was to form the idea in my head and then send it to my art guys who would then have a very clear picture of what I want. Its then a simple matter for them to improve on it further in their minds and let me know.

Anyways, here I am, stuck with the inability to communicate to my fellow man…….and this from someone who’s supposed to be a writer…….FFS!!!


3 Responses to “Communication issues”

  1. notsoshy Says:

    Hey thought I was the only one who suffers from this dilemma… it frustrates me so much that I just simply give up. I figured a way out of this…become an art director, good idea no?

  2. thekillromeoproject Says:

    Exactly what I was thinking of doing. Not exactly become an art director, but learn to do those wonderous and mysterious things only they seem capable of doing. 🙂

  3. realfantasy23 Says:

    Oh wow, it happens with me aswell, it is so damn fustrating. I gave up then with this explaination
    “Everyone thinks differently, no one can totally think alike ever. Even if you meet or talk to someone and say our thinking is so alike, well the truth is ITS NOT…People can never think exactly the same way and this is probably they don’t see the idea exactly how you want it to be” Get my point?
    By the way, I like your telpathy idea, wish could come true. 🙂 certianly would’ve made my life thousand times better..


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