Master Yoda was a Sri Lankan!

Yes, that’s right. I firmly believe that the little green master of the force originally came from a little country called Sri Lanka. Now I know there are many of you sitting out there chuckling to yourself and saying “WTF?”, but I’m sure you’ll change your mind and agree with me once you’ve read this through.

For those of you not too familiar with Sri Lankan history, let me give you a quick update that will set the stage. It’s said that many, many years ago a certain Sri Lankan king had a number of giants serving in his army. There are many amazing feats that have been attributed to these beings. They were rumoured to have originated from the “Yodha” clan. Also, history tells us that one of these ‘yodhayas’ was a man of short stature, but possessed immense strength.

Having established the historical background, let me take you through a couple of strange coincidences or similarities between the giants of Sri Lanka and the Jedi Master. The little green master’s very name seems to indicate a certain nostalgia for his mother country and clan. after all, its not too much of a jump from ‘Yodha’ to ‘Yoda’ now is it? Stature wise too there seems to be a strange similarity between Master Yoda and the fabled giant. Could it be that this particular ‘Giant’ was actually looked upon as one because of his extraordinary mastery over the ‘Force’, which let him do amazing feats? Thereby making him not a giant in physical size but rather in mental stature. Much the same as Master Yoda once again ya?

Even if you study the very unique speaking style that Master Yoda uses, the similarities between his grammar/syntax and Sinhalese is pretty overwhelming. Let me give you a few examples just to refresh your memory.

“to the war go we must” is an almost direct translation of “Yudhdheta yanna onay api”

“Judge me by size do you?” equates to “Mainnay maawa size eken dha oya?”

“Ready are you?” would be “Laasthi dha oya?”

“For 800 years have I trained Jedi” equates to “Avurudhu ata seeyakata mama puhunu kala Jedi”

These are just a few of the quotes I managed to pick up off the net while writing this post, but I’m certain there are many more if you look further. It seems as if Master Yoda, who was comfortable speaking Sinhalese, had to adapt himself to speaking a foreign tongue. The almost direct translations, the similarity in grammar and syntax are all very common mistakes made by people who are learning a new language.

So, in conclusion, my firm belief is that Master Yoda definitely was from Sri Lanka and and was much revered as a giant because of his mastery of the Force. How he happened to eventually find himself in a galaxy far, far away is another matter. Maybe the Star Wars epic will reveal a few secrets to this as well if studied more closely.

Comments anyone?


One Response to “Master Yoda was a Sri Lankan!”

  1. themissingsandwich Says:

    You completely forgot that when Luke went to train to be a Jedi, post Obi-Wan’s death, Yoda was on a planet called – Dagoba. Not a far stretch from our epic Dagoba’s (temples) in Sri Lanka no? After all, the who concept of mastering the force has a very Bhuddist-like twist to it. Jedi’s wear robes, stay single and reside in the Jedi temple. It is in that sense a priesthood, which like Bhuddism also needs meditation to reach the their ultimate goal – to be part of the force. Very nirvana-esque don’t you think?

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