Standing Ovation for Equus

If you happened to be at the British School auditorium yesterday, count yourself among the privileged! In my very, very limited knowledge of theatre and acting techniques it was a production that absolutely deserved the standing ovation it got!

For me, who goes to the theatre to be entertained in some form, it was an experience that spoke volumes. It took you through a vast spectrum of emotions that made you question some of the most fundamental norms of society.

I felt the main actors played their parts brilliantly. It was fairly impossible to judge one against the other and say who was the best. They all seemed to work their roles seamlessly together in order to transport you to that moment in time and place they were in. The actor who played Alan Strang, brought his character to life in a way that was intensely believable. As expected Rohan Ponniah excelled in the role of a tortured psychiatrist who questions his very role in life.

Anyways, as said before, I’m no expert on the theatre. But I hope that Steve De La Zilva does not disappear into the wings again, but continue to bring his special style of directing to Sri Lankan theatre.

In closing, well done guys, you’ve definitely got a a standing ovation from me!


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