Read…..Don’t Write

This seems to be the only thing my somewhat rebellious yet sluggish brain seems to be repeating to me endlessly from the time I got up today. I guess it has something to do with the weather. Probably a genetic memory has been triggered from many centuries ago. From a time when human kind put down the tools of their trade and stayed under shelter till the rain storms passed.

While it may not be applicable in today’s world, it still seems the right thing to do whenever the rains start pouring down. No matter what kind of work you’re involved with, outdoor or indoor, your body and mind both seem to conspire to keep you inactive and in bed for as long as possible.

This sort of brings me to my next point. What would you think of the theory that nature, of whom we all are a part, can read our bio-rhythms and judge when we’re over worked and totally stressed out. And when that happens nature decides its time for a break. And so it rains! Are the seasonal rains we experience nature’s way of making us re-charge our batteries?

If that were true, I think we should stop fighting the urge to curl up and sleep a little extra, sit propped up in bed with a hot mug of whatever and a book or just chill the day away with some friends over a bottle. Could all the adverse changes to the long established weather patterns actually be a direct result of us humans forcing ourselves to work right through nature’s break time? Are we forcing nature into a concerned hysteria of sorts by not obeying the ancient laws?

Hmmmm…… It would make for an interesting experiment to see if we actually closed down offices and schools and got everybody to take a break whenever the rains set in, would the world’s weather patterns return to the ones we knew so many years ago. Maybe by actually obeying our instincts, we can help put an end to the tsunamis and tornadoes and other such freak weather conditions.

I’m sure it wouldn’t be too hard to find enough and more volunteers worldwide. After all, we’re not asking people to give up anything more than work! Imagine being able to change the world as we know it for the better by actually just relaxing and doing nothing?

One Response to “Read…..Don’t Write”

  1. themissingsandwich Says:

    Are you trying to be philosophical for your personal gain of extra holidays?

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