The Stalking Black

Black is the sunrise that starts the day

Black is the breeze that caresses my cheek

Black is the rain that feeds the flowers

Black is their fragrance that wafts through the air

Black is the sky that hangs over my head

Black is the constant that stalks my life

Black is the taste of every breath I draw.

Black is the colour that crouches at the edge of my vision,

Slavering for control,

Seeping into my brain,

Smothering my soul,

Draining my spirit.

Black is the colour that denies my friendships,

Mocking the love that surrounds me,

Killing me a little more every day.

Black is the colour no one else seems to see,

Black is the colour I pretend not to see

Black is the colour I deny exists…….. and yet,

Black is the colour that dominates my world…… my life……. my all.


3 Responses to “The Stalking Black”

  1. Ruks Says:

    Yup… That sounds like you alright!!!


  2. themissingsandwich Says:

    Black may not be as bad as you think. It is the cumilative of all colours, all things and that just makes it hard to decipher and comprehend where its taking you sometimes. Ride the dark wave, you might just end up with the white, frothy, silvery lining of it.

  3. realfantasy23 Says:

    I agree with “themissingsandwich”. Black is not that bad, I might be saying this because I’m obssessed with black, but black colour is not that bad.

    lovely work 😀 .

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