When a soul cries…

Is there anyone out there

listening for that helpless cry?

Or is it just endless emptiness

that mocks our pain with echoes?

Do the screams of my soul send

shock-waves hurtling through the universe?

Or are they forever trapped

in this prison of flesh and bones?

Do myriad other souls feel my pain

and cry out in sympathy?

Or do they just stand there

watching in silent uncaring apathy?

Do the screams that tear my throat apart

move the heart of some unseen creator?

Or are they just music to the ears

of a sadistic and vicarious God?

Will my soul ever come to understand

the absolute futility of hope?

Or will it always yearn for

some non-existent comfort?


3 Responses to “When a soul cries…”

  1. realfantasy23 Says:

    This poem really explains how I’m feeling from the past week. I just wish someone listens to my cry. on 2nd thought am I really losing it by believing that someone will heart it when I know the answer…NO.

  2. thekillromeoproject Says:

    Hey Ikra…..thanks for all the feedback on the blog…… wud really like to visit your blog too…. Mind giving me the URL?

  3. realfantasy23 Says:

    Hey…um, sorry dont know ur name 😛 , I jsut love your blog and sure this is my blog address:


    I would love it, if you check it out and share your views 🙂 , maybe i can learn more 🙂


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