Desperate for awards?

The beginning of this week marked the end of the agency flurry to enter ‘The Reggies’. As usual it was a hectic period for most agencies to complete the entries on time and get to the handover location. But then what’s new about that ya?

The thing that crossed my mind during all this was, is this really necessary? I mean, we already have ‘The Chillies’ which recognizes creativity in advertising (Or is supposed to!). We have international judges of a very high caliber doing the needful to evaluate if our stuff matches up to the global standards. So then why do we need yet another creative awards?

Is it that we’re somewhat insecure about ourselves and need the reassurance of another award or are we just desperate to get as many awards as possible on our shelves? I mean the whole point of bringing in the foreign judges was because we as an industry recognized the need for a different level of judging right? So why then are we so obsessed with trying to win at an award show that’s judged totally by locals, what actual benefit does the agency gain by this award? At most it just seems like the industry is being very narcissistic or to be even harsher, I believe there’s comparison to the story of a monkey praising his own tail. Maybe the writer foresaw where the Sri Lankan ad industry was going!

In my honest opinion, ‘The Reggies’ is definitely a very nice gesture to an icon of Sri Lankan advertising, but lacks any value addition to the industry as a whole. Ideally, I would not see my particular agency entering from next year. Unless of course the management is really desperate for that award of course.


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