Darkness descends on the Paradise Isle

A land once known for sunny skies,

now sees only ominous thunder clouds.

A people who welcomed strangers with a smile,

now cower and whimper in fear of the dark.

A land that once yielded bounteous harvests,

now lies wasted and barren.

A people who once shared everything,

now greedily hoard their meagre grains of rice.

A land that once rang with the happy sounds of laughter,

now echoes hauntingly with lamentations for the dead.

A people who once were independent and proud,

now trudge like beaten cattle to the slaughter.

A land once known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean,

now resembles a glistening drop of blood.

A people who’s hands came together in greeting,

now use these hands to beg for mercy from unseeing gods.

A land once bright with light and life,

now suffocates in the descending darkness.

3 Responses to “Darkness descends on the Paradise Isle”

  1. cerno Says:

    This happened decades ago… perhaps centuries ago. Or may be its the way things have been. Naturally there is no agreement on that 😉

  2. thekillromeoproject Says:

    True, but the darkness just seems to be getting thicker….

  3. cerno Says:

    It always will 😦 But the first hundred years are the hardest. (Supposed to be an old Iranian saying).

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