Traitorous thoughts?

While gloomily examining my fast dwindling bank balance for the month, a thought happened to cross my mind.

‘WTF is happening to Sri Lanka???’

I mean, the prices of essential food stuffs, petrol, booze, fags and basically everything else you can think of is increasing day by day! At the moment I’m never sure if I’m going to have enough cash in hand to pay for the stuff I pick up at the supermarket. I watch the pretty cashier girl punch in amount after amount with mounting dread and then leave with the proverbial clean suit and empty pocket.

While I know I’m not the only one affected by this, I’m totally annoyed that the people who’re responsible for this situation continue to live in the lap of luxury, swanning around in their super luxury SUV’s with armed goons clearing all and sundry out of their path. I mean aren’t the politicians of this so-called paradise isle supposed to be doing something to help the people of this country, instead of playing musical chairs and skipping from party to party whenever the whim and fancy hits them?

But what really gets my goat, is whenever the subject of the COL is brought up, the ‘leaders’ simply point to the ‘war’ that is being waged for the ‘greater good of all humanity’!!! And this apparently is a good enough argument to shut up the majority of the country who in turn nod their heads wisely and then go to bed on an empty stomach!

I mean, WTF???? Why should I be made to suffer and change my lifestyle just so some corrupt officials can line their pockets for generations to come with the commissions and kickbacks that this ‘war’ is generating? Why should I have to pay for the blood thirsty ambitions of some village lout who eats manioc 3 times a day?

Enough is enough in my opinion. What has Sri Lanka gained by this decades long struggle? Absolutely nothing. It has just generated enormous loss of life and a downhill spiral that this country may never recover from. Why can’t these present day ‘leaders’ see the futility of carrying on a war that has no outcome? Probably because the ‘leaders’ from both sides of the battle know that its the only possible way to guarantee their seats in power! To them its a war of convenience that keeps them and their families safe and secure, while the rest of the country suffers.

So, to all you Chinthanaya fans and manioc eating louts out there, I have just one thing to say, I hope you fucking drown like rats when this ship sinks!!!


6 Responses to “Traitorous thoughts?”

  1. dramaqueen Says:

    Hear Hear!!!

  2. Theena Says:


    *waits for Sittingnaut to accuse you of being a peacenik, pussy licking parrot*

  3. Half Doc Says:

    Post Budget Blues!!!

  4. thekillromeoproject Says:

    More like PCB (Post Chinthanaya Blues)

  5. R Says:

    You really hate manioc don’t you?

  6. thekillromeoproject Says:

    Actually I love manioc and lunu miris….just don’t believe you should go to war for it!

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