The living dead

Ever wondered what it would feel like to be a zombie? well I sort of know… least today. Came into work today with all good intentions of writing a post, but somehow every-time I sat down to do it, the poor old mind just went blank. It seriously feels like my brain’s only there to guide my bodily functions!

It’s sad when things come to this stage. Actually I’ve heard it said that assembly line workers and certain factory workers too suffer from this syndrome. Its where your brain sort of adapts itself to only concentrate on the function that it’s required to do most of the time. Attach ‘drive B’ to ‘drive C’….. stitch pearl blue buttons on left sleeve….. or in my case, write utterly mindless drivel ad nauseum! I guess after a while of doing that, when the brain is faced with actually writing something creative or simply different, it just shuts down in shock.

I will not go on anymore as I feel this enormous and almost irresistible compulsion to fill the entire white space before me with flowery descriptions of condominiums, phones, soap and mini trucks!

Hopefully I’ll be resurrected tomorrow….

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