The church pub concept…

After yesterday’s brief role of moonlighting as a zombie, i feel somewhat refreshed and not very inclined to spout flowery praises trying to sell stuff nobody wants. Which I’m sure is a relief to all and sundry except my boss…

Anyways, I was privileged yesterday to be asked to watch the final rehearsal for a friend’s upcoming show of performance poetry at Scott’s Kirk in Colpetty. Afterwards, whilst the others were helping clear up the place and I was busy walking around in my own world, something occurred to me. I had happened to sit down on a pew(One of the few remaining in the church as most had been moved aside to make room for the rehearsal) and was gazing up at the roof design with its multiple arches and intricate mouldings and for some strange reason a picture flashed into my head. It was a picture of warlike Saxon chieftains in full battle regalia lounging on couches and swigging large goblets of rich red wine! Weird right?

With this picture still in my mind I lowered my gaze and looked at the people milling around the almost empty church, and then it struck me. The architecture of the church lends itself perfectly to an old English/Scottish pub! I stood up glanced around and the more I looked the more I could see the potential. If you cleared all the pews out and replaced them with massive slabs of oak as tables and benches and did some mood feel lighting, you could have one of the hippest drinking spots in the country! It would have the nostalgic feel of a scene taken straight out of the ‘Robin Hood’ movies, where you would see the lords of the Colombo fiefdom sitting around with their hounds and talking about their past conquests and glories.

Of course, I personally would name it ‘The Church’ or ‘The Kirk’ to give it a sort of vicarious twist. I mean imagine the advertising campaigns that could spring from it! Even better, imagine a conversation between a couple of guys:

Guy 1: So what did you do last Saturday?

Guy 2: I went to Church and man it was so cool… I got totally wasted on the spirit!!

 Heretical thoughts? Maybe, but you seriously have to visit this church and picture it in your mind. I’m sure you’ll be an instant convert.


5 Responses to “The church pub concept…”

  1. Dilsiri Says:

    hmmm. would have seen you then……

  2. gobblezygook Says:

    Bloody Hell 😉

  3. Ruks Says:

    Pauly, Pauly, Pauly…. tsk tsk…

    Was reading this post thingking this was going somewhere interesting. But NO!
    What is it with you and alcohol? I mean, really?


  4. Tanya J. Says:

    Brilliant concept! Just wish you had helped us clear up and come up with your grand plans AFTER!

  5. thekillromeoproject Says:

    The best part of coming up with a brilliant plan is that you can drop everything else!! (especially if what you’re carrying happens to be heavy)

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