Life goes on…

After all the hulla baloo about the new budget, it seems nothing has changed in the paradise isle. We bitch and grind our teeth about the rising cost of living and how hard it is to live decently. But we still go about our daily routine, fighting our way through ever bigger traffic jams. After all, what real choice do we have right? We’re stuck with a government that has been voted in by the majority (supposedly), and is still enjoying a popularity status among them (thanks to their war dances).

So what choice do we, the upper middle class, who are most affected by the situation in the country, have, but to go on living and slaving away to maintain a lifestyle that we have grown accustomed to, but is fast disappearing? The way things are going in the country, I really don’t foresee any real hope for things to change for the better anytime soon.

The frustrating thing is, that people who have the intelligence to see beyond the campaign stage theatrics, blatant lies and false pandering are still stuck with a corrupt government! We don’t have the power to change the way things are going, because the majority are thrilled with the play acting clowns they see on stage at election time! And what the majority wants….the country is stuck with.

What surprises me is that with everything that’s going on, there are still a lot of intelligent, hard working people who stubbornly refuse to leave this country (Myself included – stubborn but not all that intelligent!). Why is this? Simply put, its because we actually love our country so fucking much that we’ll probably die of homesickness in any other country. It would be like keeping a junkie away from his fix!

Having said that, does it mean I love what’s going on in this beloved country of mine? Absolutely fucking not!!! I hate what the politicians and the majority have done, and are still doing to this beautiful island. Their inability to see past today’s plate of rice continues to push all of us deeper and deeper into a cesspit from which there seems to be no coming back.

But, as I said in the opening part of this post, life goes on and so do we. Clinging desperately to some shred of hope that our country will someday become the paradise isle again…. I pray that I will be alive to see that happy day.


One Response to “Life goes on…”

  1. poetlost Says:

    I’ve been asked by relatives to join them in their new homes abroad. Being Tamils, they see no reason for optimism and I don’t frankly blame them.

    I refuse to leave. For all the bullshit that gets paraded around in this country, for all the idiots that are running around with ministerial positions, for all the trauma that pussy cat dolls are putting their people through – the very ones they are apparently fighting for – I know there’ll never be a place I love as much as this.

    I’ll remain until the shit well and truly hits the fan.

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