Should I….. Shouldn’t I?

OK, have been very silent for the past few days. There’re a few very simple reasons for this. Was not at work over the weekend and that cuts my access to a computer, was snowed under with work yesterday and today and also wasn’t really sure about what to post on here.

Now the last reason brings me to the crux of this post. The problem of should I or shouldn’t I post every single day? I’ve read the benefits of being a regular poster, in that you get to build up a regular readership and thus posting everyday keeps them coming back to your blog and even recommending it to others. But what about the quality of what you post? I mean, what if I have absolutely nothing interesting to blog about? In effect, after a while my blog would become so full of nonsensical drivel that people would anyway be avoiding it right?

I for one would definitely not want to be reading a blog that constantly spouted stuff just for the sole reason of having a post everyday! It would be downright tiresome. So here I am. Having just stated the most practical reason for not posting everyday, but still looking at myself askance and wondering if I’m making excuses to justify my innate laziness when it comes to putting words down on paper (or screen, in this case).

Ok….ok…. I hate when this happens, so I’ve just reached a brilliant compromise! I will definitely try and post something on a daily basis. However, I will also try my utmost to ensure that it is interesting reading as well. If for some reason I cannot do both you will see a blank space for that day.

I think that sorta settles things, don’t you?


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