A land of raving lunatics!

Have just spent the first couple of hours in office browsing the various blogs on Kottu, and I’m fairly speechless with shock at the sentiments expressed in the majority of them. Most of the posts tend to deal with yesterday’s bomb blast in Nugegoda, but the opinions expressed are truly vicarious. And I won’t even try to find a word to describe the comments posted by various readers!

If the blogosphere is any way to judge what the majority of Sri Lanka thinks and believes in, this country of ours is in serious trouble! Because it shows the majority of Sri Lankans to be raving lunatics who celebrate the loss of life!!

It seems that most of the posts are more concerned with praising the on going war efforts of the present government than actually looking at the loss of innocent lives. Does the fact that a score of living, breathing human beings have been relegated to little bits of bloody flesh mean so little to these people? They seem to think that these deaths are just a small sacrifice to pay in return for the bloodied head of Prabhakaran. Would they still be singing the hosannas of the government if it was their loved ones who died? Or better still, would they in turn have died with a happy smile on their faces at the thought of being martyrs to the ‘Chinthanaya’? All these people seem to be able to see in their warped version of the situation is the fact that the ongoing war is being won, and the only things they seem to hear are the empty boasts of the militant minded blowhards in power.

On the other hand, there’re others who preach revenge and wax eloquent about the murderous intentions of the LTTE.  They put up celebratory posts whenever there’s news about attacks in the north, regardless of the loss of life. But have they ever paused to think about the pain and suffering that’s felt by the innocents who are caught up in the middle of the artillery strikes and bombing runs? Don’t they too feel the same sense of loss and trauma when they lose someone? These are probably brushed aside as the unavoidable fallout of war!

What’s wrong with us Sri Lankans? We behave as if the loss of a human life has absolutely no value. We give the world at large the impression that we’re just a bunch of blood thirsty savages who jump and caper around whenever we see a dead body! I remember being horrified at the stories that came out of Rwanda some time ago, but looking at the antics of the majority who are keeping the ‘Chinthanaya’ afloat, I wonder if we’re any different.

I wonder if this country of ours will ever turn sane again or will we just continue to run headlong down the path to total and absolute lunacy?

8 Responses to “A land of raving lunatics!”

  1. OaO assithri Says:

    Keep on killing Tamils till they are extinct–the international community has given us permission, money and arms to do so.

  2. brandix Says:

    i suppose one could say the same about the sinhalese. but no one does.
    what sort of a statement is “keep on killing tamils till they’re extinct?”

    it is this sort of mentality that gets us no where in the world! how can we arrive at any sort of solution to any kind of problem when everyone around us has a one track racist approach???

    the tamils in this country don’t deserve the kind of bullshit they get from people, take it from dude, I’m not a tamil!

    everyone’s raving on and on and on about the poor lost souls of yesterday and we all feel the pain and mourn with those individuals who’ve lost someone and can only thank God almighty that we were safe! but come off it for crying out!

    how many people do you think die in the north and east EVERY DAY??? what about the number of mourners there?

    this is no time to be divide people by their race but to look at things from a human point of view, i bet you that amongst the people who died yesterday there were all kinds of racial backgrounds but do we really define them that way? they were all human beings who lost their lives in vain.

    get over it dude and think twice before making a fuck-all statement like the one you’ve made because this has nothing to do with people being sinhalese or tamil or whatever… this has to do with a confused mentality of a few people that causes the rest of the country to suffer.

    and paul, you’re absolutely right, the proof of the lunacy you describe is portrayed brilliantly in the response above mine!

  3. thekillromeoproject Says:

    Thanks for the comment Brandy, I’m so glad that the first person to comment was one of the people this blog post is dedicated to!!

  4. justmal Says:

    You fucking faggot.

  5. justmal Says:

    Thankfully for us, the rest of the people in this country are not. The fact that a bomb attack in Colombo is even newsworthy simply goes on to show how successful Mahinda was in preventing similar attacks in the past few years.

    Most people in Sri Lanka think that a bomb once in a while is an acceptable cost of annihilating the terrorists. Rest assured, Gota will kill ten of them for every single dead body in that shopping mall.

  6. thekillromeoproject Says:

    Looks like I’ve hit a nerve here, and all the lunatics are coming out of the woodwork!

  7. Tiny Little Fractures :: Irrationality :: December :: 2007 Says:

    […] posts ranged from hysterically blaming the government for the blasts to equally ridiculous postings that the country has reached a morality level of lunacy. To the people who seem to think the sky […]

  8. universitykella Says:

    you know i think it’s some of SLs that have creeped to other parts of the world that create these perceptions. justmal is an e.g. from what i gather from his blog he’s happily sitting in ausie, and waving his biggot hand and wagging his biggot tongue!

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