Should I be arrested for drunk driving?

Now I know a lot of you are going to jump right in here and answer with a resounding ‘YES’ to the question. but I have a differing point of view when it comes to this subject, so here goes.

To those of you who know me even a little, it’s probably common knowledge that I’m a habitual offender when it comes to drunk driving. You can rest assured that I will be committing this ‘offence’ at least thrice on any given week. Now while this may sound shocking to some people, I can assure that it’s a very common thing in Sri Lanka. Almost all the friends I know have done this very same thing at least once in their lives.

Now, while I have been arrested and gone through the whole hassle of blowing into a balloon and being locked up in a cell minus shoes and socks on a few occasions, I have also been stopped and released on numerous occasions without any bribe being offered to the police officer in question. Why is this? I believe the answer to this is pretty simple. The officers who have let me proceed on my way, have obviously more sense, and know how to use it than most other people in the country.

To explain why I say this, I first need to tell you that after a couple or more drinks, I tend to be a very cautious driver. I consistently drive slower than I would when sober and ensure to follow the road rules to the letter. In short, when I’m drunk, I know it and take extra care to be more careful. Now obviously when I have been stopped and checked by some officers of the law, they have been able to judge what level of intoxication I was in and make a suitable decision to let me go. Now this I believe is how the rule should work. If I’m not perceived to be a menace to others on the road, why arrest me?

I believe the rule of thumb that says X amount of blood alcohol percentage means I’m drunk, is like telling me the shoes that fit Mr.Perera HAVE to also fit me and I have to eat the same amount of food as Mr. Fernando in order to feel full! Do you see my point? Just because the guy next door gets cocked out of his mind on a couple of drinks, doesn’t mean the same applies to me. I could be the most sober person on the planet after exceeding the legal limit.

So what I propose is this, most definitely stop and check me, but have a system of evaluating me on my personal capability of driving. Surely there must be some simple way of checking whether I’m totally knackered or just happily high. If its the latter, then please let me proceed on my way and save the authorities the time and money spent in prosecuting me.

So I’ll be definitely raising my glass tonight in the hopes of a more enlightened and empowered traffic police. Cheers!

2 Responses to “Should I be arrested for drunk driving?”

  1. yellow suddi Says:

    Ok… you’re a dumbass.

    I just hope your reckless behaviour doesn’t kill anyone along the way.

  2. universitykella Says:

    while your argument is argumentatively good and would probably win a debate, the fact of the matter is regardless of whatever level of intoxication you’re in doesn’t matter because i’d feel safe and my loved ones would be safe if you just opted to take a bloody cab. maybe you’re confident of yourself but when it comes to actions that can potentially impact the lives of others (like driving), it wouldn’t hurt to take that extra precaution now would it?!

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