Quick…Throw more petrol!!!

Have been surfing the net just trying to catch up on what has happened around the world and also in our very own paradise isle over the weekend, and was surprised to see reports of mass arrests all around the southern areas of Sri Lanka!

According to various sources, the figures differ from 350 to over a thousand who have been arrested in late night cordon and search operations by special police and military squads. Out of these a significant number have been further detained in the southern detention center of Boosa. This includes females as well.

I’m truly amazed that the authorities in question were able in a short period of just 48 hours arrest so many terrorist suspects! I mean, if this is how successful our security operations are, surely we should have defeated the LTTE by now!! On the other hand maybe the LTTE have discovered the secret to human cloning and are flooding the southern parts of the country with these brain washed clones who take on the disguise of everyday folks….. something maybe the government spokesman should think about addressing in his next press conference!

I for one, who have had the personal experience of friends who were arrested and locked up for no other reason than walking along Galle Road, will take the government’s opinion of these ‘suspects’ with a healthy dose of salt.

Reports state that many of those arrested have been in possession of their National Identity Cards and also of their compulsory police registration forms. There are distraught parents and other family members who have been desperately trying to speak to anyone in authority to give them a chance to provide the necessary proof that these detainees are innocent. Now if that is the case, why have these people been arrested and detained? Is it because they were behaving in a suspicious manner or simply because they were Tamil? I think the latter explanation would bear more weight given the track record and the mind set of the present authorities.

Yes, I do agree that the authorities should be more vigilant in their precautions to prevent any further loss of life, but surely there must be some better way of doing it than this heavy handed behaviour that reeks of racial discrimination. Are they trying to send a message out to the Tamil community that they are all now considered terrorists and no longer welcome in the south? What sheer idiocy compelled them to do such a thing when this is exactly what the LTTE are hoping will happen? This course of action has probably already won over a significant number of potential new recruits and sympathisers to the LTTE cause!

At a time when sentiments and tensions are running quite high in both the Sinhala and Tamil communities, shouldn’t the authorities have the common sense to act with a little more tact and responsibility, rather than running around like goon squads in the dead of night? Of course, there is the other possibility, maybe certain elements with vested interests are worried about the lack of racial tension in the country and feel its time to turn up the heat a notch! They probably spent most of last week running around shouting to all and sundry, “Quick….. throw more petrol…..the flames are going out!!”

Well, they have certainly achieved what they set out to do. Hundreds if not thousands of people arrested and herded off to detention centers like common criminals, A fresh wave of animosity and anger towards the government and the Sinhala community at large, the creation of many potential recruits and sympathisers to the LTTE cause and last but not least, a definite guarantee of being in power for a few more days.

So, to all you fire brands in authority and their supporters, may you burn long and bright…. in Hell!!!


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