The monster within

He watches and waits, biding his time,

knowing that freedom lies close at hand.

He pushes at the walls that imprison him

testing them, trying them, looking for a weakness.

He watches closely for the slightest lapse,

knowing it will give him the chance to break free.

He’s willing to be patient, and not give a hint,

of the violence and pain that are his to unleash.

He’s broken out many, many times,

and wreaked havoc in the lives of those I love.

He’s lied and cheated, screamed and ranted,

and caused so much pain that can never be erased.

When he’s free and roaming, I seem so helpless,

unable to control him, a prisoner in his thrall.

I see him hurt and destroy the person I love,

and all I can do is cower and hide.

Why can’t I lock him away forever,

or better still, give him the death he so richly deserves.

I call him the monster that lurks within me,

because its the lie that keeps me sane.

But how long can I hide away from the truth,

the monster and I are one and the same…

One Response to “The monster within”

  1. realfantasy23 Says:

    so true, in my believe and experience monster is within each human mind, even in mine, and how hard we try we can’t lock the monster, he always shows up. You can put him into sleep but he cant come out from within…always there, even if we think he’s gone, he’s still there…

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