Whenever I’ve heard the term ‘Alcoholic’ used, it always brought to mind pictures of half shaved, unwashed looking guys who are unable to stop drooling on themselves. The guys you see staggering along the road with their shirts open and being given a wide berth by everyone they pass. I mean that’s the sort of guy who you expect not to be able to control his drinking right?

Now I know there’s a fair number of people who are nodding while reading this, probably agreeing with that mental picture. But something has been gnawing away at my subconscious for quite some time now and I think its time to put it down here. Your views and comments would be appreciated.

Ok, here goes. As of late I’ve been noticing that alcohol seems to be playing a bigger and bigger role in my life, both socially and personally. It seems to be an ever present factor in everything I do. For instance, meeting up for dinner with friends would automatically mean having a couple of stiff drinks before ordering dinner (even if I’m the only one drinking). Chilling at home with a movie also would mean having a few drinks to keep me company while watching. Feeling stressed at work would mean having a drink in the evening. Even deciding as to where to go for dinner would involve checking to see if they served alcohol. You sort of get the impression right? Now while this may not seem too abnormal, it seems to be happening with ever increasing frequency. To the extent of having a drink around 4 times a week seems to be a routine thing.

There used to be point in my life when the thought of having a drink alone never even crossed my mind. I would only drink if I had someone else to keep me company. I used to look at the many guys seated alone and drinking and comment on how sad that was. I always told myself that I was only drinking because I liked the companionship and the fun aspect of meeting up for a drink. I also thought that when you come to the point of drinking alone, that’s when the drinking has got out of control. Now, I seem to be in that same boat. Granted, I don’t go out and drink all by myself (as yet), but I definitely do drink alone at home.

It sort of reminds me of a character who was featured in an episode of the TV series ‘Friends’. He was known to everybody as ‘Fun Bobby’ and was always this really fun sort of guy….. until they noticed the amount of alcohol he used to consume. Eventually he does stop drinking, but is then so quiet and morose that no one seems to recognize him anymore.

Now having said all of this, I still don’t know if my behaviour classifies me as an alcoholic, which is why this post is up here. I’ve heard that alcoholics are the last to admit the problem to themselves. So comments are most welcome, though I can’t promise to act on them. Hell, I may even go and have a drink to think about them!


14 Responses to “Alcoholic??…..Me??”

  1. "Sunrise" Says:

    he he. you’re an alcoholic mate! hic

  2. Java Junkie Says:

    While drinking alone does tend to tip the scales towards the ‘alcoholic’ moniker, I think you still have a way to go.

    I generally don’t consider someone a full-blown alcoholic until consumption of liquor starts to be their primary goal rather than something complementary to the rest of their plans.

    Even though it may be a bit excessive, you still appear to be drinking to enhance your experience (dinner/movie etc.) rather than drinking for the sake of drinking.

    But maybe you should try going a few nights without a drink, eh?

  3. cerno Says:

    There are some online tests to find out.

    I’m not saying that anything dug up in a 60 sec Google search will prove conclusive but it might give you something to contemplate.

    Are You An Alcoholic ? – by Dr. Robert V. Seliger for use at John Hopkins University Hospital, Baltimore, MD, in deciding whether a patient is alcoholic

    Self-Scoring Alcohol Check -up by Robert W. Westermeyer, Ph.D. – a bit more involved

  4. santhoshi Says:

    Well You will have to try and see! Dont touch drink for about two weeks. I got worried reading your post cause have a friend who argues out about this topic. Just to prove a point i dont even touch wine for the last six odd months. The thing is sometimes we all go to realise that socialising and drinking dont have to necessarily mix. Its easy to slip into that one glass of wine or bacardi everyday to get away from the stress or annoying friends or just to be out of it but there. You try and let me know 🙂 !

  5. themissingsandwich Says:

    Why don’t you spend the next 2 weeks only drinking when someone’s there to keep you company? Ofcourse considering that its Christmas now, that might happen more often than you expect as well.

  6. thekillromeoproject Says:

    Thanks for all the feed back people, its much appreciated! I think the suggestion of drinking only with others is probably my best bet, cos totally stopping wud be somewhat impossible for me!!

  7. Tanya J. Says:

    ‘Drinking only with others’? You’re the one who influences the rest of the crowd to drink 🙂 But you still have a good time without doing any harm to yourself or others right?

  8. dhammikad Says:

    Hey You

    If you are an alcoholic all of us are in trouble!

    Do you remember the year 2002?

    We drank everyday of the week. I think you missed Sundays, but your bro and I even drank on Sunday.

    After the season you should just take a break for about a month, just to prove it to yourself you can. Drinking is such a ceremony and so enjoyable yes its easy to get carried away with it.

    But none of us are alcoholics. I haven’t had a drink from September. When I was down I averaged one bottle a day in Colombo. As soon as I got back the urge hasn’t taken to me.

    Yes occasional pint after work or in a restaurant or even a couple at home does not make one an alcoholic.

    So keep the spirits pouring! But do take a break in Jan just to prove it to yourself that you can!


  9. dhammikad Says:

    And please stop moderating comments. Creative freedom and all that sort of stuff eh?

  10. thekillromeoproject Says:

    Machang, if you read my last couple of posts you’ll understand why I’ve moderated certain comments. This particular person was saying some fucked up stuff that had nothing to do with my post and could have hurt some others. He had even named names and I think that sorta crosses the line ya?

  11. notsoshy Says:

    I did read this post a while back, don’t know why I didn’t comment…my answer to your question is…ta da you are an alcoholic!

    A word of advice, try to limit the alcohol intake. Or maybe you could gradually stop…that’s what I did and now I can’t seem to stand the taste…

  12. thekillromeoproject Says:

    The thing is Shy, I already hate the taste of the stuff. I just love the high!

  13. notsoshy Says:

    You obviously know this, you don’t need the booze to enjoy, unless of course the company you keep is really bad :)) The high could also be achieved with an overdose of sugar, red bull, coffee…I don’t know what to tell you really… we should meet up and discuss this and no not over drinks 🙂

  14. realfantasy23 Says:

    Woah, you really are alcholic and I wolud suggest please stop drinking, its not good for health. 🙂

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