‘Lak Ground’ hits new lows…

Was browsing through the Sunday Newspapers and was amused to see the depths to which a certain English language ‘journalist’ is sinking to in order to cover her inability to take constructive criticism!

The background to the entire incident which she has seen fit to publish in the mass media forum, is the fact that she wrote a review of a certain book written by a local author. Having read this review (which was published in the ‘Lak Ground’), a certain well known Sri Lankan blogger decided to post her personal opinion of the review on her blog. this I believe is well within the rights of any blogger. After all, we do have the right to say what we want on our personal blog pages right?

This unfortunately does not seem to have gone down very well with the ‘journalist’ in question. She has made repeated comments on this post, trying to deny and justify what she had written, and also ridiculing the blog post contents. This too is within her rights to do so. But when she goes to the extent of devoting half a page in a broadsheet publication to further try and justify herself, I think it starts to border on the ludicrous! What’s even more ridiculous is the Editor of this broadsheet thought it fit to actually let this infantile prattle be published!

This ‘journalist’ or ‘critic’ as she likes to be seen as, is obviously of the view that attack is the best form of defence, and also that using a belittling form of writing is the best way to prove her mettle as an accomplished ‘journalist’. Unfortunately, her true writing and maybe cognitive form has decided to manifest itself in the very first lines of her rant, in which she actually misquotes the title of the book she herself reviewed! Now does she seriously expect the general public to fall to their knees in awe of her critiquing abilities, when she doesn’t seem to be able to even remember the title of the book in question?

After starting off on a rant about the blog post and the blogger who offended her so much, she continues further to include the entire bolgosphere in her rant, claiming that bloggers in general are an unscrupulous breed who never want to listen to an opposing view on their posts and hence use the moderation process to weed out what they don’t want to listen to. Now this sort of accusation is not only totally false, but also hilarious when coming from someone who has to resort to using her position as a ‘journalist’ to publicly vilify and attack her own critics! She further states that various eminent personalities known to her personally (and to whom she listens quite avidly) have expressed the opinion that posting comments on blogs are a waste of time as the comments are rarely if ever approved by the bloggers who are in the habit of only approving their personal friends comments. I find this quite surprising, coming at a time when even The Galle Literary Festival is hosting a panel discussion on Sri Lankan bloggers and their role in the literary world. Obviously these eminent figures she refers to, are either way behind the times, or simply do not have any literary leanings whatsoever. If this is the sort of people she has as mentors, her reaction to criticism of her critiquing abilities comes as no surprise.

But seriously, shouldn’t people who aspire to be ‘journalists’ have the ability to be a little more mature than this? After all, the general public doesn’t read the newspapers to be treated to someones soapbox rantings right? If you want to go on a personal rant about how life is so hard on you and you’re so ‘misunderstood’ and ‘misquoted’ by all and sundry, open your own blog for God’s sake! There’re are plenty of people out there who love reading stuff like that.

Hopefully, this ‘journalist’ is just an exemption to the rule, and does not portray what the future of journalism holds for Sri Lanka, because that would indeed be a sad state of affairs.

P.S. also could one of her many eminent mentors please point out to her the proper use of grammer and syntax?


6 Responses to “‘Lak Ground’ hits new lows…”

  1. cerno Says:

    This could be the first time in Sri Lanka blogging history (I suppose there’s such a thing now) that someone wrote a flame post/comment in a newspaper.

    What a waste of trees!

  2. thekillromeoproject Says:

    Lol…. precisely my point. The lengths people will go to defend themselves is astounding!

  3. Darth Says:



  4. thekillromeoproject Says:

    I personally think there’s a major difference between the two. themissingsandwich hasn’t gone to the extent of publishing stuff in the daily broadsheets……lol. Doing that is what I thought was hilarious!

  5. Firefly Says:

    Well in that case themissingsandwich has posted her comments in her ‘space’ while Dilini Algama has done so in hers. There isn’t much of a difference as I see it.
    Also, since I have been following up on the whole cat-fight, in my opinion,

    a) Dilini has been a bit harsh in her review.(I haven’t read the book yet)but I would have given Brandon a bit more credit than she has done. There are definite inconsistencies and “inexperienced” opinions in the newspaper review as well. It was literery work and Ingram had all the right to use New York English or the Kazakstani variety if he chose. His cause is more than commendable and for a young writer I believe he has done well enough. I don’t see any of us even being close to publishing our first book. (And before anyone assumes anything I don’t know Brandon, haven’t even heard of him before this!) But Brandon if you are reading this…Well done! I may not like the book when I get around to read it but there are hundreds of book “I” dislike but that has not stopped anyone from writing. What I found uncalled for in the review is the last line which implies that the author has chosen the wrong instrument in his cause (last line of article I believe). A review is about the book Dilini, not about the guys ability to write…correct?
    Getting back to the point, I belive that Dilini has the right to her own opinion, but maybe she should have respected Brandon’s effort a bit more. It’s the tone of her review which is negative more than her worrds I guess.

    b) The missingsandwitch calling the review “a piece of absolute crap” was Way out of line. Yes bloggers have the right to express their view but it should be done in a more dignified manner. The ‘moderating’ process is fine but that’s only to edit/ delete filth, insults…etc. So blog-owners have to be more careful and responsible as to HOW they moderate. What the missingsandwich did was not moderation it was an outright exposition of Dilini Algama’s name when she prefered a pseudo name. You have to agree that was a very cheap move!! If you read the newer comments, themissingsandwich really is being juvenille in not accepting/respecting opinions of others. Very very sad 😦

    Anyhow, I think they both had to be a bit more objective & even a tad bit realistic in their respective writings. They are entitled to their opinions but they both need to come to terms that neither of them are perfect or above anyone/ either one in their perspectives. I don’t mean this to be an attack on either of them but being a stranger to both of them I feel,
    Dilini: Needs to be more informed about the world she lives in before giving out her constructive critizism (One thing that I gathered about you Dilini, is that you ‘probably’ had a very sheltered life till about the age of 20… I do not in any way mean to be insulting but that’s the impression I got of you while going through some of your articles on the net- really your writing is nice but it’s a bit obvious that you haven’t stepped outside your comfort zone of parents & home much 🙂

    the missingsandwitch: I liked her blogging though I’m not much of a blog-follower. In the sphere of blogging I guess her blog entries are nice but in this case I think you’ve stepped out of line in critizising a review which is in fact a “view” of Brandon’s book. It’s not the opinion of the whole country but just Dilini’s opinion/ interpretation of the book she read. So it was uncalled for that it was classified “absolute crap” don’t you think?

  6. thekillromeoproject Says:

    Congratulations Michael De Soyza (Whoever the Fuck you are!). You’ve just been awarded ‘Troll’ status on my blog. As such your comments are no longer welcome. Go get your kicks somewhere else!

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