The Human cockroach has feelings!!!

Just a little update on the further activities of the amazing human cockroach. After my last post, and the posting of the name under which ‘it’ wrote was put on my blog, the human cockroach seems to have been somewhat aggravated! Somewhat reminiscent of the behaviour of a normal cockroach when you stamp your foot just near it.

I’ve got no less than 8 new comments from this creature for today! All of them on the same lines as the comments posted yesterday. It seems the somewhat rudimentary feelings of the cockroach have been hurt, because the comments have become a tad more insulting in their language and tone.

Surprisingly, it seems this loathsome creature appears to have some sort of basic intelligence. After inadvertently revealing ‘its’ name yesterday, the human cockroach has today decided to post the comments under ‘its’ given name. He/She is actually acknowledging the name given in my post yesterday, by now commenting under the name of ‘the human cockroach’.

The best part is, this creature is trying so desperately to make trouble between a certain group of people, that ‘its’ clutching at whatever straws ‘it’ can find among my previous blog posts and related comments. The range of desperate half truths that have been constructed by ‘it’ are amazing in their own right. Somewhat sad though, the extent these cockroaches will go to, in order to find some sort of twisted gratification in life.

I’m assuming the reason for these additional comments today is because the cockroach is hoping these are going to get to me in some way! Unfortunately for him/her/it, the biggest reaction I have had so far is a couple of shudders of revulsion, which is normally how I react to cockroaches anyway.

But as a form of public service to all decent human beings out there, I have decided to post the cockroach’s IP address in here. So if anyone is interested in tracking down which sewer ‘it’ likes to frequent the most, you’re very welcome to do so. Also if more updates are wanted regarding the behavioural habits of this particular cockroach, please feel free to ask me.

Human cockroach IP address =  124. 43. 130. 161

Human cockroach mail ID =

3 Responses to “The Human cockroach has feelings!!!”


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  2. S.I Says:

    Hi killromeoproject, just a thought but as a blogger, my experience is that often silly remarks are left using computers of companies or friends these people don’t mind getting into trouble… so that invariably, the poor unsuspecting rightful user of the pc gets in trouble. Had a tremendously active blog some time back and that’s been my experience when it comes to comments.

    My blog now, is hardly accessed now 😦 because I have maintained a low profile and don’t really write anymore.

    Most often, the person who left the comment revels in the fact that the computer used has been left out there cos they know that IP addresses go to the blogger concerned 😦

    Chances are, even the e-mail address is fake OR that of someone they want to get pointed at (that’s something I’m too used to now!!).

    The mail, the IP … in my experience, it’s always the innocent who get exposed. I’ve found the best approach to be complete ignorance and NO reaction!!!

    🙂 remove even the posts and refuse to accept any comments by that person on the moderation process. Also, never refer to anything they have said which gives you a calm, indifferent air. trust me – that drives them wild!!!

    😦 the comment above – “POSTS THAT SAVED THE DAY” – I can’t access that 😦

    Take care killromeo.. just sharing my 2 cents worth because of my experience!!

  3. music Says:

    very interesting.
    i’m adding in RSS Reader

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