The not so Golden Mile!!

Had a very disturbing and annoying experience at the beach last evening. A few friends and myself got in the mood to sit by the sea after a great day spent over booze and a delicious home cooked lunch. We also decided to take along two 4 footed friends who had been locked up at home the whole day as we thought they would like the experience too. After-all, who doesn’t like the beach right?

Anyways, we got there and decided that it would be best if we went to a particular restaurant that calls itself ‘Golden’ as that would give us the convenience of reserved parking. After making our way to the beach, we walked around a bit and then walked into the beach front entrance off the ‘posh’ restaurant. We were immediately rushed upon by a group of irate and obnoxious waiters who very rudely told us that ‘animals’ were not tolerated in the restaurant. Mind you, we weren’t even in the restaurant, but attempting to seat ourselves at one of the many outdoor tables. Nevertheless, we were asked to promptly leave. At this point while some of us walked back out to stand with the pets (who were on leads), a few others asked for some soft drinks, to which they were given the answer (quite rudely again) that drinks were served only if a food item was also ordered. To add insult to injury, the management even had the audacity to ask us to immediately move our vehicles from the car park as we weren’t ordering anything from them!

This sort of behaviour reeks of the idiotically straight laced mind-set of certain hotels and restaurants in this country. I would understand if someone had made a complaint about the two well-behaved dogs seated with us at our table. In fact to the contrary, there were quite a few other patrons who actually walked out of the restaurant to have a chat with us and play with the dogs! Even they were a bit non-plussed at the strange attitude of the management. I would expect that in this day and age a beach front restaurant would have more broad minded staff being employed. Of course, on the other hand, maybe if it was some white skinned NGO sorts who brought their pets along, the management would have been more than happy to turn a blind eye!

I guess the management of the ‘not so golden mile’ are too used to the behaviour of the various  ‘two legged animals’ they normally associate with in their free time to know any better. So until I hear things have changed, I for one will not be seen dead at the not so golden mile!!


One Response to “The not so Golden Mile!!”

  1. chaarmax Says:

    Well people actually think they add class to their restaurants by being “uppish” and “snobbish”. I’d recommend a hop skip to Jo-Jo’s definitely not Golden, but a decent joint. 🙂

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