All I want for Christmas is my Ministry!

Once again the season of good cheer and joy to the world has arrived. Unfortunately for those of us in the Paradise Isle, the season seems to having a decided lack of all things cheery. Unless of course you were one of the lucky people who were given a gift of a Ministry by the Santa Claus type gesture of the JVP.

I think most people were eagerly awaiting the outcome of the budget vote last Friday, wondering if it would lead to some radical changes, or just reinforce the pig headed mentality of the powers that be. I for one, was definitely hoping that by some miracle the budget would be thrown out on it’s ear, together with the idiot’s who voted for it. But unfortunately this was totally dependent on a certain political party that seems to have lost track of it’s political and ideological origins.

When the JVP first refrained from voting in the initial stages, it seemed to be giving out the signals that for once they were prepared to put the people of this country first, and their own personal gains second. That however turned out to be just another one of many political smoke and mirror tactics by them. Having waited for the 11th hour to stop sitting on the fence, the JVP as usual went against everything they scream and shout at the May Day rallies and voted against the interests of the common man. They in effect voted for the continuance of their many Ministerial perks and privileges. Most of which they vehemently denied wanting in the first place!

I actually feel sad to think back to the days when as a young, impressionable school kid, I too thought the JVP were the solution to a country filled with corruption. They were the party who were supposed to empower the youth of this country and give them the freedom from the strictures of a decadent society. I still remember marching out of school and even facing the tear gas attacks of the riot squads in order to support this vision of a better Sri Lanka. I also remember going hungry because we joined in the protest action of throwing away the free meals provided to the students. But I guess the cool breezes emitting from the A/C’s of their BMW’s and the sumptious buffet at the parliament have made them forget the harsh smell of tear gas and the hunger of the masses.

So, I guess all that’s left for us to do right now, is to try and salvage what we can, and hold on till it finally gets too hard to call this country home. Its a day I dread and just hope never comes.

As for me, all I want for Christmas…… is my country.

One Response to “All I want for Christmas is my Ministry!”

  1. S.I Says:

    First I thought you were a minister lol then Thought you were going into ministry as in for the gospel!

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