The Curse of Ahab’s Children

I was just reading a poem with the same title as this post. Written by Captain Paul Watson, this poem is dedicated to the ongoing battle between the Japanese whaling fleet and an organisation called ‘the sea shepherds’.

While reading through it and also going through the rest of the stuff on their website, it seriously got to me, the emotions expressed seem so powerful. It’s incredible how these people care enough to actually put their very lives on the line to ensure no more whales are killed. I was stuck to find even one instance when I cared enough to do the same.

Isn’t it sad how we become so engrossed in our own pursuit of happiness that we forget the bigger responsibilities that we have? The responsibility that each and every one of us have to protect and nurture a planet that is increasingly defenseless in the face of humankind’s ravages.

Most people simply assume that nature is there for us to exploit to the best of our abilities, but never once does it cross their minds that we also need to protect and sustain nature. Even if they don’t think of doing something out of the goodness of their hearts, surely the least they could do would be to preserve nature out of the selfish notion of self preservation in the long run!

If I was given a choice today, to stay in my present state or join the brave men and women fighting to safeguard our planet, I know what my choice would be. I want to be able to think back and say I did my utmost to prove to mother nature that not all her children are ungrateful bastards. That somewhere there will always be people who will care enough to protect her other children, the majestic whales, the elephants, and even the lowly puppy and kitten left abandoned on our cruel city streets. I want to be able to help future generations swim with the whales and marvel at the wondering herds of elephants. I want my kids to gaze speechless into the liquid eyes of a puppy.

As this year draws to a close, I wish I had done something more to stop the ongoing destruction, that I had cared a little more, and tried to make a difference. I wish I had done something to soothe the pain caused by us on a daily basis. Maybe in the new year I actually will… and make up for the fact that I too am one of Ahab’s children.

One Response to “The Curse of Ahab’s Children”

  1. Hakim Says:

    You should watch the documentary movie “Inconvenient Truth” man that will freak you out.

    Any way getting back to your post, The Aussy navy will use gun boats this time to deter the Japs. But they say they will not likely use the freaking guns! Any way I can’t understand what the hell is wrong with the Japs and the Norway bastards.. what is so tempting for them to try to serve whale meat on their menu. These bastards should be harpooned, pumped with air and dragged alongside a boat for a day or two, so that they get the same medicine they dish out to those lovable creatures.

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