Mahindha Chinthanaya visits Rupavahini

Having returned to office today after the long weekend and hoping for a lazy day recovering from the after effects of all the festivities, I was in for a surprise courtesy of Rupavahini.

I had just put my feet up and settled in for a cat nap, when I was rudely awakened by my colleagues and dragged into the media room to watch the live proceedings unwinding at the Rupavahini complex. If the commotion in office wasn’t enough to wake me up, what was unfolding in living colour certainly was! There was the chief protagonist of the Mahindha Chinthanaya, ‘Dr’ Mervyn Silva (henceforth referred to as the Jester and other such colourful terms), in all his boorish glory!

Unfortunately for the political thug, this time round things seemed to have gone awfully wonky. Having assaulted a director of the media station, the Jester was attempting to make a quick getaway as is his usual cowardly fashion, when much to his surprise, his way was blocked! Now I’m sure this was not something he bargained for when sticking his unusually large head through the main gates.

Having his escape route foiled, the brave epitome of Dutugemunu, then decided to hightail it to the Chairman’s office where he barricaded himself. I would give a few years off my life just to know what was running through the thug’s mind as he most probably cowered under the Chairman’s desk!

In his best imitation of a fearless king of yore, the ministerial joker acted fast. He sent one of his accompanying thugs outside to face the music. The poor thug, who also probably never thought he would face this situation, was rudely handcuffed and taken in by the police. However, not before he was soundly thumped by various aggrieved staff members.

Having realised that even this move would not calm the baying for Jester blood, the illustrious fool had the army brought into the fray. I must have a quick look through the Mahindha Chinthanaya to see where it’s mentioned that the army is required to provide security services for boorish louts!

Any ways, having finally decided to brave the gauntlet, the fearless and brainless ‘Dutugemunu’ was ignobly pushed and pulled along by a whole contingent of security personnel. But once again things did not go as planned for the Jester. One of the more intelligent members of the Rupavahini staff, having decided the doctor of all things foolish needed to have a stronger family resemblance to his beloved son, made the magnanimous gesture of dying the Jester’s hair a fetching shade of pink! I’m sure the ministerial buffoon’s eldest son must be quite chuffed that his father has decided to emulate him when it comes to hair colouring styles.

The latest reports filtering in claim that Dutugemunu’s head has now reduced to a more normal size, having most of the hot air inside released, thanks to a convenient hole being punctured in it by yet another well intentioned person chucking a large stone.

Now, whilst all this provided me with a very entertaining day, it still remains to be seen what action the President is going to take with regard to his hired thug. Having screamed and shouted himself hoarse about the many benefits to the media in his ‘Chinthanaya’, the President seems either unwilling or unable to rein in the rabid dog he has placed in a position of power. Is this then what the people of this country are expected to identify as the beloved ‘Chinthanaya’? Obviously the only ‘Chinthanaya’ this prize fool understands is being thrashed to within an inch of his life!

It will be interesting to see what convoluted and ridiculous excuses will be made by the powers that be to help this gun toting thug stay in power. I’m sure these will make very creative reading over the next few days.

So, here’s to the Mahinda Chinthanaya! Long may it support the likes of the Jester!


7 Responses to “Mahindha Chinthanaya visits Rupavahini”

  1. justmal Says:

    Mervyn has never been close to Mahinda or vice versa. If anyone here is the “protagonist” of the Mahinda Chinthanaya, that would be TMG Chandrasekera, the news director who got assaulted by Mervyn Silva.

    Mervyn assaulted the JHU monks not just once, but twice, and took part in the peacenik NGO rally against Mahinda Chinthanaya.

  2. themissingsandwich Says:

    If you want to look at it from that angle, one wonders what Mervin has on Mr. Chinthanaya for him to keep Mervin around after all this.

  3. thekillromeoproject Says:

    He may have been seen at the ‘peacenik’ rally, but he still maintains a post in the ‘Chinthanaya’ government and seems to be enjoying dishing out his own version of the ‘Chinthanaya’ without MR doing anything about it.

    If MR believed in his own bullshit ‘Chinthanaya’ even a little bit, he would have had this joker jailed a long time ago!

    Obviously MR has no issues about the citizens in this country being beaten up by the ‘doctor’ and his sons.

  4. thekillromeoproject Says:

    Also JustMal, if as you claim MR isn’t close to the jester, why then did he get personally involved in trying to subvert the judicial process with regard to Juinior jester’s assault charges?

  5. Theena Says:

    It’s been two weeks since this incident, yes? Nothing has come about. I just read a report on one of the Sunday broadsheets – not sure if it’s Times or Leader – that MR has asked for the instigators of the attack on Vermin to be identified. MR is also keen on finding out how the private TV channels – translated to Sirasa – got access to the SLRC premises.

    I love what Sonali Samarasinghe has written on Vermin:

    “As a political hit man to President Mahinda Rajapakse, Dr. Mervyn Silva would be entitled to a double PhD. He has the perfect qualifications. An impressive entourage of gangsters, drug dealers and double murder suspects, no sense of shame and a vocabulary that would make a sailor blush. He is also a political prostitute lurking endlessly in the bordellos of power and snapping at the crumbs thrown down at him.”

  6. Newsroom Says:

    Can anyone post pictures of Hon Minister Mervyn assaulting anyone?

    The Rupavahini staff (thugs) assaulted an elected minister. Thats the evidence we see evrywhere. Arrest them and teach them a lesson.

  7. thekillromeoproject Says:

    Even if as you claim, the royal jester did not assault anyone, the person accompanying him (a convicted murderer and drug dealer) definitely did. Why has Mr.Chinthanaya taken no steps to bring the royal fool to task for associating with such persons and also setting the stage for an assualt to happen??

    Plain and simple reason is the royal jester has Mr.Chinthanaya’s balls (if they do exist at all) firmly in his grip.

    P.S. Maybe you haven’t been reading the news Mr.Newsroom, but the royal fool has already started doling out his own form of justice on the media.

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