And we still wait…

After all the fuss created over the royal jester yesterday, things seem to have died down completely. Yes, the local blogosphere is still seething with post after post regarding what happened, but it seems no one in authority is very disturbed.

What puzzles me the most is why there has been no message from the highest authority in the land. I mean, don’t we the people of this country deserve to know what action is being taken about the disgraceful behaviour of a government minister? It seems to me Mr.Chinthanaya is trying to emulate the infamous ostrich by burying his head in the sand and hoping things will just go away. Or maybe he’s hoping that the chief tiger will come to his rescue and set off a few bombs in the south. That should certainly distract the public from the ‘petty’ antics of the doctor of all things idiotic! Hopefully, that won’t be the case.

I have always thought the ‘Chinthanaya’ was just a lot of bullshit and it seems the royal thug and his master also agree with me. If not, would this hooligan even dare to behave in the manner he habitually does, and would Mr.Chinthanaya continue to always look the other way? If Mahinda even believes in an iota of his own gibberish, he would have had this rabid dog publicly taken to task. His continued silence seems a tacit, if not open, encouragement of thuggery and hooliganism.

His very personal involvement in trying to subvert justice when junior jester was in trouble just goes to prove how afraid Mr.Chinthanaya is of the ‘doctor’. I’m fairly sure the ministerial thug has got a very firm hold of a certain pair of balls, and is in the process of squeezing them even as we wait!

So lets wait and see if Mr.Chinthanaya will at least attempt to prove me wrong, or if he will just do the same as always and bluster like an idiot on stage.

2 Responses to “And we still wait…”

  1. cerno Says:

    Well his excellency’s blog has been quiet. But then the budget mmay have kept him busy – of course I won’t speculated 🙂

  2. Pink Mist Says:

    Unlikely. He’s a thug with a village mentality from a few centuries ago. Hasnt cottoned on to the concept of consequences or responsibility – obviously brought up badly. Beeping idiot. Hope he has a painful afterlife/next life.

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