The first Ball-less President!!

As a nation Sri Lanka has had the honour of being noted for many firsts in the world, like having the world’s first female Prime Minister, setting various cricketing firsts, etc. However it now seems we have yet another to proudly lay claim to. The world’s first ball-less President!

Having waited eagerly to see what disciplinary action would be taken against a certain government thug, I was not in the least bit surprised to see, the Chief Executive of our country has decided that discretion is the better part of valour when it comes to handling ‘the nutty doctor’.

Mr.Chinthanaya, who never misses an opportunity to breath fire and brimstone and preach war and aggression from his well guarded political stages, doesn’t seem to have the balls to bring his own ministers to task! I guess it’s easier to rant and rave from the safety of his bullet proof limousine and his Special Forces cordon, than to stand up to his party thugs and demand for the rights of the people who voted him into office. A typical behavioural trait that should be expected from a ball-less eunuch. Of course I extend my apologies to any eunuchs I may offend by making such a comparison, as I believe even they have more backbone and self respect than Mr.Chinthanaya!

I expect the people who actually voted for this parody of a leader must be quite thrilled that now the whole world can be witness to the cowardly behaviour of the Chief Executive when it comes down to handling issues that matter to the people. After all, I’m sure they cast their vote in the honest hope of helping Sri Lanka achieve international fame and glory by having the world’s first ball-less President! And Mr.Chinthanaya is doing his best not to let them down.

In my opinion, it’s high time the intelligent people of Sri Lanka demanded an accounting from Mr.Chinthanaya as to what steps he personally intends to take with regard to the political thuggery of the royal jester. It’s ridiculous for him to hide behind the party structure and claim that action will be taken by them, when he is the one whi appointed this thug. He is the leader of the party and the Executive President of this country, and it’s time he took action.

Of course, in doing so he will obviously disappoint many of his fans, who are already writing to the Guinness Book of Records and petitioning on his behalf for inclusion. But I say to hell with the world record, and to hell with the missed opportunity, it’s time for Mr.Chinthanaya to grow a pair or get the fuck out of office!!


3 Responses to “The first Ball-less President!!”

  1. Michelle Says:

    What a shame! the last 40years has brought soo much shame to the country. These idiots don’t realise history will judge them.

  2. robincruz Says:

    The bottom line is that the Prez and the loony Doctor are members of the same club. And I doubt very much whether their media flunkeys trawl the web to see our opinions, let alone act on them. But it sure feels good to let off steam – in the hope that one day the worm will turn. As it did that one glorius day at Rupavahini.

  3. Nimra Says:


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