Please oh please, don’t sack me!

The developments that have occurred since the start of 2008 are simply mind boggling (at least for me). It started with the killing of a well known political figure and has so far seen the tearing up of the much praised and also maligned CFA (Cease Fire Agreement). It just remains to be seen what else is going to transpire as the year proceeds.

As to the assassination of Mr. Maheshwaran, I guess it’s one more killing in a long line of such that has systematically decimated the Tamil political leadership. Whether this was carried out by the LTTE, or by other interested parties, makes little difference. A valuable life and also a valuable leader who may have been able to contribute greatly to this country has been lost.

Right now the authorities are embroiled in the usual finger pointing and accusations that seem to invariably follow these incidents. Where the blame will finally land will depend, I guess, on who can shout the loudest both locally and internationally.

The tearing up of the CFA however is something that, though threatened, was never something I expected to materialize. I seriously expected the President and his faithful acolytes to have more sense when dealing with this matter. It seems they have decided as usual to ape the behaviour of the proverbial bull in the china shop. I wonder if any consultations whatsoever were held with representatives of foreign countries, as to what the international community feedback would be like, before the decision was taken. Judging from past experience, however, I seriously doubt such actions would have been taken.

From a personal point of view, this latest course of action taken by the authorities smacks of desperate straw clutching by a drowning junta. Having come to power on a bandwagon loaded with racial and religious fervour, the Chinthanaya has now slowly but surely started to lose steam, in the face of mounting economic woes and a war that still seems to have no end.

Being also faced with the prospect of various desertions by allied parties, this decision taken by the President, seems nothing but a move to pander to both the majority and his disaffected political allies. It obviously doesn’t matter to Mr.Chinthanaya that his hasty decision will have a severe long lasting impact not just on the economy, but also on the very lives of the people. But then again, what’s so surprising about that right?

Mr.Chinthanaya has established a track record that speaks volumes of his attitude towards the people of this country. Having convinced a slim majority of the population on the merits of going back to war, he has then proceeded to systematically run this country into the ground while hiding behind a war he preached in the first place! It seems now that Mr.Chinthanaya has realised even his ‘heroic’ efforts up to date have been insufficient to pull the people’s eyes away from their ever diminishing pay checks and the¬†starving faces of their children. So he has decided to take his warlike prancing to yet another level.

I wonder how long it’s going to take and to what more desperate measures Mr.Chinthanaya will sink to before finally getting on stage and pleading with the general public to please let him remain in office and not sack him! Of course the way things are going, none of us may be around to see that day happen!

So, Mr.Chinthanaya, if you thought your latest war dances are fooling anybody (except your sycophants), you’re sadly mistaken. We hear the plea of “Oh please, oh please, don’t sack me!” loud and clear!


2 Responses to “Please oh please, don’t sack me!”

  1. justajester Says:

    Interesting and quite true. but the thing is that no matter what his royal foolishness does, people will most probably not get involved because of their ‘mustn’t get involved’ attitude. we’ll rant and rave about it and say that ‘one of these days he’ll get it’ and ‘someone must do something to stop this madness’ but if we stop and think… who is that someone? the entire nation will wait for ‘someone’ to do something and nothing will ever happen… and that is exactly what ali baba and his 200 thieves are playing on.

  2. Theena Says:

    I am willing to bet that he’ll be “voted” in – for want of a better term – once again. Yay for democracy.

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