Kill all the bastards…it’s what they deserve!!

Who exactly am I referring to here? The entire Tamil population of Sri Lanka of course. Of course, the sentiments expressed in that line are not my own, but those of a friendly neighbourhood trishaw driver.

There was I casually enjoying a long smoke, while trying my best to avoid being roped into doing some work, when this worthy gentleman decided to share with me his profound opinion of the current situation in the country. Now, me being the polite person that I am, felt it best to listen to what he had to say without hurting his feelings. I subsequently wished I had promptly butted out my smoke in his ear and walked away!

It all started very innocently, he sympathised with me about the rising cost of living and how hard it must be for middle class people such as me to survive these days (I wonder if there was a hint of sarcasm that I failed to see at the time), and then went on to talk about yesterday’s events. It was at this point that I started to get a faint inkling of where the conversation was headed.

He gave me a very concise and apparently well informed situation report on what was going on at the war front. About how good the armed forces were at killing hoards of barbaric terrorists, and how well the air-force bombing raids were going awesomely well. I guess he has the privilege of sitting in at high level defence ministry briefings, because at this point he leaned in close, and informed me in a stage whisper about the brand new rocket bombs the armed forces have acquired recently. Apparently these marvels of modern warfare are capable of totally exterminating all living beings in the entire Northern Peninsular with one massed strike!

Having being shocked into prolonged silence at being allowed to share in these top secret goings-on, I was a bit taken aback when this not-so-worthy-gentleman suddenly started on the woes of being a tri-shaw driver. But of course his intentions became much clearer when he revealed that his usual parking haunt has been ‘invaded’ by two Tamil drivers. Apparently these two scoundrels have had the cheek to undertake hires without asking him if he would like to have first pick. For this heinous crime, they too were lumped together with the terrorists, and in his opinion should be carted off to the North to await the apocalypse.

Much to my relief, this gentleman who was no longer exhibiting any signs of gentleness, was called away on a hire. Of course, he had to leave me with a passing shot. “We should kill all the bastards…. after-all its what they deserve.”

If this person, who normally is a very friendly individual, is any indication of what the majority in Sri Lanka think , we’re in for a whole load of shit!!


18 Responses to “Kill all the bastards…it’s what they deserve!!”

  1. Hilal Says:

    Thankfully not everyone thinks like this. The people living in Wanni under Tiger control are no different? They send of their kids proudly to blow themselves up thinking that the Singhalese people and the Singhala government is torturing and killing Tamils in other parts. Such is the power of propaganda and sheer evil. The recent LTTE attacks were directed at Singhalese civillians this is to create such animosity and hatred within the community. One must realise only one group between the Government and the LTTE requires fear, hatred and oppression to survive and it’s not the government. The LTTE has thrived because of fear and oppression.

    When you hear such comments from people we as patriotic Sri Lankans must correct them. For the LTTE wants events such as 1983 to unfold again, the LTTE is being starved of funds, only mass riots can increase sympathy towards them and boost their funding.

  2. justmal Says:

    Well, what else do you expect him to say after the Tamils killed or injured almost a hundred of Sinhalese civilians including children in Buttala this week? At least Tamils are allowed to come to Colombo and take jobs away from our trishaw drivers. Do the bastards let any Sinhalese civilian live in Tamil majority areas?

  3. dramaqueen Says:

    killromeoproject…. I think the previous comment kinda proved that the trishaw driver is not the only racist ass around.

    I’d like to ask justmal if he can remember how this war started in the first place…. If he was around when thousands of innocent tamil people were dragged out onto the streets and burned alive and persecuted in the early 80’s.

    I was. And I was only 3 goddamn years old.

    I don’t think you SHOULD be alloed into the north, because you wwon’t know how to act with dignity or to treat people with respect. Just because a bunch of screw-ups call themselves the LTTE and act like arses doesn’t mean that every tamil is guilty of terrorism. Likewise, just because a similar bunch of misfits called the Govt add to the mess, doesn’t mean all sinhalese are as dumb.

    So… please don’t make remarks out of your posterior without considering the fact that there are other equally deserving human beings on this planet beside yourself and your so-called fellow ‘patriots’. People with attitudes like yours and the trishaw driver’s make me feel ashamed to have been born a sinhalese.

  4. justajester Says:

    just yesterday kill romeo project, you were saying that laying down arms will provide some sort of solution… but now you have your reason why that’ll never happen… as long as people have their preconcieved notions of tamils and singhalese, peace will never be an option. just one hypothetical situation to prove my point. if a singhalese man at a tea shop spills tea on another singhalese man, he’d probably get a ‘monawada oi karanne’ whereas a tamil man will get something like ‘kari demalaya’… when people resort to racism at the first sign of offence, what possible solution can be found besides wiping out one ethnic group? (which the gvt is doing now. i think its called genocide)

  5. justmal Says:

    No I wasn’t born then, but from what I know, the Tamils started it by killing 13 of our soldiers. I think the Tamil deaths in 1983 has been vastly exaggerated by the Tamils who greatly benefited from it. 400 odd people got killed and hundreds of thousands of this scum used it as an excuse to get to Canada and Britain. In any case, the Tamils killed more Sinhalese in the following year (eg: Kent farm massacre in 84) so I have no reason to apologise to the bastards.

  6. Hilal Says:


    I think you have confused Tamils with Tigers. There is a significant difference. If you personally know any Tamils, Like school mates, co-workers or family friends try looking into their eyes and blame them for this conflict or call them terrorist? Thats how silly your remark is..”they” took “our” jobs.. blaming any minority in lanka is like looking up and spitting. When you leave Sri Lanka you will see the bigger picture.. for one day a white man will walk by and say the same about you…

  7. mick Says:

    It is completely justifiable to be incensed after such a despicable, inhuman and horrific act of terror. But I hope in future you post more civilly because this is what the terrorists want. They terrorize us with the hope that we too will stoop to their repulsive primeval condition.

    Aside note, from skimming through the comments, I found this exchange quite interesting:

    – justmal – “At least Tamils are allowed to come to Colombo and take jobs away from our trishaw drivers. Do the bastards let any Sinhalese civilian live in Tamil majority areas?”
    – dramaqueen – “I don’t think you SHOULD be alloed into the north, because you wwon’t know how to act with dignity or to treat people with respect.”

    dramaqueen, would you care to elaborate on why justmal shouldn’t be ‘alloed’ to live in the north? do you mean no Sinhalese or muslim should be allowed to live there, or simply justmal, and if so why (in either instance)?

    ps. “I’d like to ask justmal if he can remember how this war started in the first place…. If he was around when thousands of innocent tamil people were dragged out onto the streets and burned alive and persecuted in the early 80’s.

    I was. And I was only 3 goddamn years old.”

    WRONG – The LTTE first began its hostilities in 1975 with the assassinations of dissenters from the Tamil supremacist dogma, first Mayor of Jaffna Alfred Duraiappah and then MP Canagaratnam in 1977. The first open act of terror against the state of Sri Lanka and its people occurred in 1983 with the slaughter of 13 soldiers.

    So I guess you weren’t around when it started in the first place. You weren’t even conceived as the time.

  8. kanabona Says:

    mr dayaratne… you werent born during the ’83 riots… so do you realize that you could have been one of the victims in your previous life? and that you could be born as a tamil in your next life? wonder what you’d be saying then… hmmm

  9. thekillromeoproject Says:

    “But I hope in future you post more civilly because this is what the terrorists want.”

    Mick, if this comment was aimed at me, I think you have totally misunderstood what I was trying to say in my post.

  10. justajester Says:

    as i was saying before – there are a very few people in the country who can think totally unbiased and un-racist. you have to agree that the very fact that terrorists are referred to as ‘tamil tigers’ and not just plain ‘tiger caders’ or something is just a hint of how biased peoples thinking is. it’s just human… when someone from a particular race wrongs someone from another race, the tendency is to hate that whole race in general and attribute the crimes of one person as a fault of the whole race. it’s useless saying things like ‘the LTTE started it’ though, and then blame the tamils for it. the arguement that says 1. all LTTE are tamils 2. all LTTE kill people 3. therefore all tamils kill people is a fallacy. anyone with a bit of a sense of logic can figure that out…

  11. SunJay Says:

    Though i don’t agree with calling these people bastards(after all some of em could actually be legitimately born proper sri lankans) i must agree this thought has sneaked up on me quite often, and frankly i’m wondering why it hasn’t been be done yet id est. carpet bombing of all tiger territories.
    Reasons in favor would include…
    1) These people are well aware that the LTTE is an internatianlly outlawed terrorist prganization which resorts to gruesome violence against innocent human beings and has conscripted children as young as 8 years old for a cause they barely can comprehend

    2) The LTTE has setup a defacto state in violation of the laws and constitution of the country –
    imagine this….i together with a few friends of mine declare that my garden is my country…since my ancestors lived here and my dad owns it…it is rightfully mine..i tell the government to f off…and engage in all sorts of illegal activities in this garden.. we brandish our guns whenever somebody threatens to arrest us. furthermore we sneak into our neighbours yards and maim,kill and rob them…is the government not justified in asking me to surrender…and if i refuse is the government not justified in storming my house and killing me and all of my accomplices…

    Think about it..same difference in killinochchi..most of these people can leave if they want to..but they don’t…they are directly or indirectly helping in the execution of innocent people…

    You take everybody out and then where are they gonna find their fighters??

  12. deecee Says:

    hm..lots of views. I think both sides are equally to blame. No thanks to the sinhala-only policy, the abductions and no thanks to bus bombs and child soldiers.

    We are still not getting the whole truth from both sides so we cannot judge. whatever happens, and IF the army wins this ‘war’, i know for a fact our lovely govmt will be like a ‘commis’ suckign headless chicken. Nothing will be done. It’s our fate for not having far thinking leaders.

  13. Jaffna_Tamilian Says:

    Hi all of you,
    Sinhalese always wanted to destroy us. Why are you making it look like tamils want to kill sinhalese. Dont read sinhalese propaganda and write openions, do some research. Kill us, destroy us if you can. We will be back… again… and again… and again… and again………………………………………………….

  14. thekillromeoproject Says:


    Sadly, it seems you have not grasped the true meaning of what I have posted here. In no way am I condoning the sentiments expressed by the person concerned, and my last paragraph should make that quite clear to you.

  15. Sena Says:

    I agree. The widespread adoption of a “killing mentality” means that Sri Lanka is a society in decline.

  16. john Says:

    sinhaleese are dump, they dont know what their doing. commanded by indian bafoons . indians are scared of pakistan haha.

  17. thamba Says:

    Long live Pirabakaran and the LTTE!!! Death to all sinhala scum and to their gay government! Rot in hell with that asshole rajapakse!!!

  18. raju Says:

    yevanaalayum azhikka mudiyaada inam dhan engal tamil inam, marubadiyum varuvom, nangal vetri peruvom.

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