The world’s cheapest smoothie bar…

These were the very words used by the owner of the establishment. And unlike the claims most places make, he was being quite truthful! He could also probably conduct his very own Degree course in PR for restaurant owners!!

Happened to be driving home last night and wondering what to do about dinner when I remembered seeing this little place in Kohuwela that advertised itself as a smoothie and waffle bar. I’ve always wanted to stop and check them out, but the traffic during the evening has always been an issue.

Anyways, as we were past the rush hour, we stopped and ventured into the place which consists of a counter and a few stools only. Not at all the pretentious set up I normally associate with establishments that boast such menu. The first pleasant surprise was the owner of the establishment. He greeted us with a big smile and and chatted with us almost like we were family.

Seeing us gazing in confusion at the extensive range of smoothies and waffles on offer, he asked us if it was the first time we were stopping in there. Having established we were freshers to his little bar, he promptly offered to make a recommendation as to what we should order. The waffles with mayonnaise and prawn masala were totally awesome. Just as he had predicted. Our other choice of mayonnaise with bacon and cheese too was as good, if not better. The portions too were quite healthy and one waffle was definitely enough for a person.

Having sorted that out, we were about to order a smoothie each when once again he stepped in and made various recommendations. The one disappointment was not having any strawberries on offer. Of course, he seemed even more upset about the fact than we were, so that sort of made things a little better. It just happened we had the bad luck of coming in on a day when his regular strawberry supplier had let him down. So maybe we’ll have better luck next time around.

Anyways, having asked us what fruits we liked, he then proceeded to whip up a concoction for us. Of course, this was after having once again pleasantly surprised us by refusing to make us a smoothie each as we requested. Instead, he politely inquired if we were planning on having the waffles for dinner, and if so, he advised us not to spoil our appetites because the smoothies were quite large. Large was an understatement! Two of us struggled mightily to finish off the one smoothie he whipped up for us. (This included a top up of the glass halfway through!)

By the time we were finished with the enormous smoothie, the waffles were all packed and ready to take with us. Once again we were surprised. The total cost came to just 730 Rupees! Seeing the shock on our faces, he then grinned and made the comment that became this post’s headline. “The world’s cheapest smoothie bar”.

I personally would like to add a qualifier to it: The world’s cheapest and probably the bestsmoothie bar in the world! Definitely a place I would re-visit to try out the other offerings on the menu.

P.S. If anyone’s interested in finding this place, its located a little before the Kohuwela junction when you’re travelling out of Colombo. Just after you pass the Keells Super and a large car sale, look out for it on the left. If parking is an issue, you can park down the little residential lane alongside the bar.


4 Responses to “The world’s cheapest smoothie bar…”

  1. Notsoshy Says:

    I’ve been to this place, they have the most yummy smoothiessssssss…

  2. Gutterflower Says:

    Are you serious? I haven’t had the smoothies but the waffles were a bit of a dissappoinment.Was going for a walk with my dad and we passed this place and decided to stop by. We had some chicken-ish thing which wasn’t that great.
    Must stop by there and check out the smoothies though.
    I haven’t had a decent waffle-meal ever since wafflers closed down. 😦

  3. nirmalsuki Says:

    I had one today, and a week ago. Except for the fact that they put a vegetable combination along with the stuff you ask for (Prawn, Bacon or whatever), I find it a nice place. I also overheard that they are starting a new branch at WTC, Colombo in September.

  4. dunno Says:

    same place has opened one down staple street…. i stopped by last week because i saw familiar sounding name.. waffles and and smoothies are still the quality as before…no doubt about it…..

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