The Mahindian Eye…!

The term “turning a blind eye” has always been attributed to Lord Nelson for his famous act of looking using his blind eye to his advantage. It has also been termed “the Nelsonian eye”. However it seems that history is being re-written even as I write this post!

It has been many a day since the Royal Jester aka the doctor of all things thuggish, got his just rewards at the hands of some very courageous media people, but it seems the repercussions of the incident are still carrying on.

Up to date not less than 5 media personnel have been ruthlessly assaulted by common thugs who seem to act with total impunity. It seems strange that these attacks have started only after the Royal Jester got thrashed. While the media institutions and the human rights organisations are trying their best to highlight the deplorable situation, the police and other security forces seem unable to put a stop to the violence.

The media minister has released a statement in which he regrets the latest incident that has occurred just one day after the staff of SLRC were given assurances by him of increased security. Obviously the thugs who were involved in the latest attack, were not kept updated on the minister’s plans! Or maybe they were, and didn’t give a rat’s ass for him or his authority.

Now, I’m sure that even this government’s staunchest supporters, are under no illusions as to who is behind this string of attacks. It is obvious to even the most simple minded of our citizens, that it’s the Royal bouncer who is exacting his unofficial revenge for the heinous crime of daring to lay a finger on his royal personage.

However, the million dollar question that remains to be answered, is what the highest power in the land is going to do about it. No doubt he too is well aware of the situation and also who the perpetrator is. But up to date there has been nothing but a deafening silence from the presidential abode. Mr.Chinthanaya and his family members, who are quick to comment on almost everything that happens in the country, seem suddenly to have absolutely nothing to say.

So it seems that very soon, Lord Nelson will be evicted from his place in history, to be replaced by none other than Mr.Chinthanaya himself. After all, I doubt that even Lord Nelson could have turned a blind eye to the goings on in this country of ours.

So, here’s to re-writing history. Let’s all try to emulate the stoicism of Mr.Chinthanaya and turn a ‘Mahindian Eye’ to the ever increasing madness that’s descending on our country. At least that way we may be able to avoid the heart ache…..

One Response to “The Mahindian Eye…!”

  1. Gaja Lakshmi Paramasivam Says:

    “turn a ‘Mahindian Eye’ to the ever increasing madness that’s descending on our country. At least that way we may be able to avoid the heart ache”

    When we avoid the experience we are limiting our lives to lower levels. One must have the experience based on one’s own Truth and protected by that Truth. Towards that it is right to turn a Nelsonian Eye to other people’s theory.

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