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May 21, 2008

OK….. here was I minding my own business and suddenly discovered that I’ve been tagged! So here goes…..

1. My dogs : With all their infuriating behaviour, they still have the talent to make me feel good inside.

2. A good book : This is something that has been able to make me feel good from the first time I started reading Asterix and TinTin.

3. A good movie : It needn’t be of any particular gendre, as long as it fits into my definition of ‘good’ it makes me smile.

4. The smell of rain : Have loved this since I was a kid and it still makes me feel nice inside.

5. Misty hills : There’s something about being up country and seeing the mists drift in.

6. Time alone : At times, just being alone and not having to share my space with anyone else makes me happy. Sort of recharges the batteries I guess.

7. Time with my friends : While it may seem to be directly opposite to the earlier point, my friends do make me feel happy.

8. Christmas : Everything about it makes me feel good inside and makes me smile a lot more.

9. Food : Not all that much of a priority with me, but still the right stuff can certainly make my mood better.

10. Having a drink : Last but not in any way least. It always seems to bring my mood around.

So there…….! Not going to tag any others as most everybody here on Kottu seems to have been tagged already (at least everyone I know)….


Shooting in the rain…..!!

May 21, 2008

Ever since I started writing stuff for TV, i’ve always wanted to shoot something in the rain. Why? Maybe just for the heck of it…….and the thrill of seeing those water bowsers and rain towers in action……. also probably seeing everyone getting soaked adds to it!

Finally got the chance last week………

Not welcome anymore…

May 21, 2008

When the wind no longer refreshes….. But chills……..

When the sun no longer shines…… But burns……..

When the rain no longer soothes…… But lashes…….

When the earth no longer supports…… But swallows………

When the air no longer nurtures…… But suffocates……..

Isn’t it time we read the signs and understand what we’re being told…….

That we’re not some supreme life form…… But just unwanted parasites……

The message is loud and clear……. We’re not welcome here anymore……

Out of Control….

May 8, 2008

There’s so much going on in my life right now…. it feels like someone else is in control and I’m just hanging on and trying to survive the ride.

I wish I could turn back time and start life all over again……. but when did time ever listen to the likes of me.

There are two roads down which the future can go……. but then both roads lead to pain and heartache.

Letting go is going to cause a lot of pain………. but holding on is going to be so much worse.

I avoid her eyes because I can see the pain……. and I know exactly who put it there.

Life right now isn’t what I ever dreamed it would be…… but then life’s a bitch anyway.

I want to just end it all……….. and take control for one last time.

Sri Lanka’s Nuclear Blackout

May 2, 2008

Ok…. its has been quite a long time since I blogged about anything in particular. Not feeling the urge to write as of late may be the main reason. Anyways, something happened last week that the entire country knows about. So I just thought I’d share a little theory I heard.

The thing that happened was the island wide blackout that lasted for a few hours. Now while everybody was painfully aware of the event thanks to the stifling heat and the voracious mosquitoes, I’m sure most people don’t know the real reason behind the blackout. I know the CEB issued a rather late statement blaming it on a technical failure, but maybe there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Now I know you’re wondering what other possible reason there could be, but if you look at the date it happened and the time it happened it may give you a bit of a clue. No, I’m not talking about some numerelogy rubbish here! What I’m talking about is the date and the time marked the visit of another world leader to our humble country. Namely, the president of Iran.

So, what does his visit have in the least to do with us contributing to the well being of Sri Lanka’s mosquitoes? Well, it’s pretty simple if you look at the backdrop to this visit. The Iranian President has promised to assist us with our power generation issues. Now while the promise made has so far been of a monetary nature, with looking to improve the existing infrastructure, our worthy leaders have more ambitious ideas brewing in their little heads.

Iran is one of the few Middle Eastern countries that is nuclear enabled. Now, can you just imagine the devious little plans that have been circulating in the minds of our countries leadership? The bottom line obviously would have been, let’s kiss up to Iran, who’s being getting a bit of a pariah status in the world, and maybe they’ll give us our very own nuclear power station to play with!

From that thought, it was just a small leap to think up a ‘grand’ scheme of how best to overplay our power crisis. And come up with the perfect solution, they did!

So, in comes Mr. Nuclear Power-plant’s flight, and everybody on board is surprised at the lack of any city lights. After landing safely, the delegation is even more surprised to note that right through their drive into the very heart of the capital city, there’s no lights! This situation was just too much for Mr. Nuclear Power-plant to handle in silence. Having played right into the hands of our scheming little locals, he innocently inquired as to why everything seemed to be in the dark. Pat came the reply from the well rehearsed government lackey in attendance….. “Aiyo Mr. Nuclear Power-plant sir, this a normal situation for our poor country. Millions are suffering because of no lights. If only we had a way to produce nuclear power, all the problems will be solved!”

So now you know the reason behind the blackout, It was a historical event called ‘Sri Lanka’s first nuclear blackout’

Interesting theory huh?