OK….. here was I minding my own business and suddenly discovered that I’ve been tagged! So here goes…..

1. My dogs : With all their infuriating behaviour, they still have the talent to make me feel good inside.

2. A good book : This is something that has been able to make me feel good from the first time I started reading Asterix and TinTin.

3. A good movie : It needn’t be of any particular gendre, as long as it fits into my definition of ‘good’ it makes me smile.

4. The smell of rain : Have loved this since I was a kid and it still makes me feel nice inside.

5. Misty hills : There’s something about being up country and seeing the mists drift in.

6. Time alone : At times, just being alone and not having to share my space with anyone else makes me happy. Sort of recharges the batteries I guess.

7. Time with my friends : While it may seem to be directly opposite to the earlier point, my friends do make me feel happy.

8. Christmas : Everything about it makes me feel good inside and makes me smile a lot more.

9. Food : Not all that much of a priority with me, but still the right stuff can certainly make my mood better.

10. Having a drink : Last but not in any way least. It always seems to bring my mood around.

So there…….! Not going to tag any others as most everybody here on Kottu seems to have been tagged already (at least everyone I know)….


10 Responses to “Tagged…!!”

  1. Jay Says:

    Hey killromeo, how exactly foes this tag busines work?

  2. thekillromeoproject Says:

    Well….. if I wanted to tag someone, i wud have put links to their blogs at the bottom of my post. And then they would have to consider themselves tagged and write a post about the same subject.

    Eg: If i were to write a post about 10 things I like about sex and put down 5 others blog links at the bottom, they would be officialy tagged and have to write a post about 10 thins they love about sex too. They too can in turn tag others.

    is that any clearer now?

  3. Jay Says:

    yep it is : ) thanks killromeo.

    i always enjoyed your blog and i specially liked the short comment on the drag queen sisters of whatever whatever

    you know what i wonder sometimes? what IS moral these days? no one has a clue about it.

    just read my favourite blog themissingsandwich comment on whoring and the likes and then again brandix on cyber sex 😦

    if we were to raise our kids (and i have 3 of them) what would be the morals that we have them abide by?


    sorry just got carried away there.

    thanks for the explanation and keep writing.

  4. Jay Says:

    by the way i liked “tagged” because of the good old fashioned balues i and my husband remember and cherish 😦

  5. Jay Says:

    “values” πŸ™‚ typo!

  6. santhoshi Says:

    hey i just read your post so if anyone wants to know what tagging shall direct them here since u have given quite a good explanation on how to go about tagging πŸ™‚ .

  7. Tanya J. Says:

    Point 7 – does this include us πŸ˜‰

  8. thekillromeoproject Says:

    Of course it does…. I thought that was pretty clear on the night of the ‘Flashback Show’…..?

  9. Tanya J. Says:

    Yep, just bugging you πŸ™‚

  10. saffronsays Says:

    Ah I see we both feel the same way about Christmas.. πŸ™‚

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