Even the Royalty must bow…!!

Over the weekend, another prime example of how the ‘Mahinda Chinthanaya’ works to protect and uplift the common man, was highlighted in the newspapers.

Apparently, the son of a well known politico and 4 others, were found guilty of breaking and entering into a school master’s room in order to steal some files. These files pertained to a previous inquiry into the violent behaviour of this ministerial offspring. So not only was he committing a crime by breaking and entering and stealing the files, he was also trying to subvert the due process of the school.

The principal of this ‘royal’ establishment of course had decided to take the necessary disciplinary action with regard to these boys. And in any other country, other than our democratic paradise, that would have been the end of the story.

But, as we well know, what’s normal in other countries is not the accepted norms in Sri Lanka. especially when it happens to involve the offspring of the ruling party! After all, what’s a crime under the penal code of Sri Lanka, is perfectly normal behaviour when it comes to politicians and their offspring.

As soon as he heard of the fate about to befall his beloved son, the minister had decided to take the disciplinary matters of the school into his own hands. Accompanied by his official bodyguards, the minister had paid a visit to the principal. In no uncertain terms, the principal had been instructed to withdraw the punishment imposed, or face the full consequences the minister would be able to visit on his head!

Matters have been made even more hilarious (or sad), by the fact that the esteemed Minister for education, also felt the need to call the principal up and give him more instructions on how to run his school! In fact, the principal has been asked to let this budding young housebreaker off with just a token slap on the wrist! After all, he was a prominent minister’s son.

It seems the minister in question is more worried about teaching his son about the value of being on the ‘right’ side of the law, than in letting him learn a valuable lesson in taking responsibility for his actions. But then again, what more can you expect from a minister, when the entire govenment seems hell bent on proving just that same point?

So, as the Executive President continues to turn a blind eye to the hooliganism of his most prominent ministers, it’s the old boys of this educational institute who have come to the support of the principal. They have offered him their support and legal expertise in helping him battle this government thug.

Of course, with the track record of the ‘Chinthanaya’ lot, I wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised to see the said principal transferred out to some little village school and the ministerial offspring strutting around the school like the true ‘royalty’ of this banana republic we live in!

4 Responses to “Even the Royalty must bow…!!”

  1. Human Says:

    This is yet another alarm bell ringing. But it doesn’t look like our country is gonig to wake up anytime soon though! This is sad.

  2. Gini Appu Says:

    Sarong Johnny #1, also known as he who was sacked from Nalanda College for disciplinary reasons and ended up at thurston College, has apparently called the Principal of Rajakeeya Vidiyalaya and told him that he is free to take whatever disciplinary action he wants.

    Crafty ‘eh?

    Looks like the Southern Supremo has put the matter back on an even keel and thats all his apologist need to wax on about how we are different from Zimbabwe.

    The truth of the matter, is in what the Supremo didn’t say or do. He didn’t reprimand the Bully or his criminal off-spring. He has not given the Principal any reason to be confident that he can defy the Bully and not be transferred to Vavuniya or risk bodily harm. This Mervyn’esqe episode is still in play and Rupavahini’s staffers can tell you exactly where we are in the script. Does anybody have any doubt as to who’d be standing when the curtains are finally drawn?

    Oh please… it wouldn’t be Paradise if we didn’t just ask for more…

  3. St.Fallen Says:



  4. deecee Says:

    Nucking Futs! Hate the lot of them.

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