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Whoa….!!! Lean Mean Hate Machine..!!!

July 24, 2008

Been following this for a few days now…. It’s quite insane….! Read the comments…!


The Guilty Popsicle – Repost

July 23, 2008

I posted this sometime back, but felt it was apt to re-post it….

Here was I sitting around with a smoke and not doing or thinking about anything in particular, when the sight of an ice cream cart trundling by, took me back in time. All the way back to 1983. Strange huh? 

Well, not really, when you consider the fact that I have a very good reason to associate ice cream carts and popsicles in particular with what happened in July of 1983. Now for most of you the very mention of that specific month in the year of ’83 will hold many memories, none of which I’m sure have even the remotest connection to ice cream. So why then do I? 

While my memories of that day are not totally complete, I do have this series of snap shots that somehow don’t seem to leave my mind, so let me take you through them and hopefully you’ll see the connection for yourself. 

Snapshot 1: Me playing with some of my classmates (not sure what the game was) during the morning interval. 

Snapshot 2: Panicked parents arriving and dragging my friends away. The words they were saying are total gibberish. 

Snapshot 3: My brother, his classmate and myself making our merry way down the leafy lanes of Mount Mary. Quite thrilled to be allowed to leave school early. 

Snapshot 4: A very loud and violent crowd screaming and shouting around an overturned ice cream truck. 

Snapshot 5: A cash box being flung high up in the air and money tumbling like rain out of the sky. 

Snapshot 6: A sarong and vest clad man (scary looking, like the ‘gonibilla’ we had been warned against) shouting something unintelligible at us. 

Snapshot 7: This same scary man offering us a huge bag full of popsicles and icy chocks, which we promptly refused saying we didn’t have any money to pay for them. 

Snapshot 8: The bag being shoved into our hands and being cheerfully waved away as sudden flames sprouted from the ice cream truck. 

Snapshot 9: The three of us continuing on our merry way, now even merrier thanks to the generous stranger. 

Snapshot 10: (which is not too clear, maybe it didn’t happen) Being scolded by my brother’s classmate’s father for taking the popsicles. 

Snapshot 11: My dad’s relieved yet tense face when he came to pick us up. 

Snapshot 12: Sitting on the petrol tank of my dad’s bike and seeing lots of scared and angry people. 

Snapshot 13: Burning cars, burning buildings, lots of fire and smoke. 

Snapshot 14: A moth balls factory on fire and looking like the gateway to Hell itself. 

Snapshot 15: My mom’s scared face and hearing the panic in her voice as she spoke about my uncles and aunts. 

Snapshot 16: the worried faces of our house owners as they spoke to my dad about the gang planning to visit our home in the night. 

Snapshot 17: Standing at the rear fence of our house and watching another house burning. 

Snapshot 18: My dad speaking to the leader of the gang and explaining in broken Sinhala that we were burghers, not Tamils. 

Snapshot 19: Sitting in the house with no lights on as yet another house down the lane was broken into and set on fire. 

Snapshot: 20: screams of terror and rage in the night. 

Snapshot 21: Walking with my dad through the refugee camp set up in the Kollupitiya Methodist Church Grounds and seeing friends from Sunday School sleeping on mats and wearing someone else’s clothes. 

Snapshot 22: Wondering if the Ice cream truck owner was there and watching me… 

Up to date I still feel a sense of guilt when I remember how much I enjoyed those free popsicles, and wonder if while I was happily feeding my face, some poor family was being burnt alive.  

So is it really all that strange that I associate ice cream trucks and popsicles with July of 1983?


Stupid Attention Attempt (by) Rajapaksa Clan

July 21, 2008

Judging by the goings on in the country, this would probably be a better definition of the letters SAARC…!

In the midst of our country’s economy going from bad to worse, the wise rulers of our land have hatched yet another brilliant plan to shut down the commercial hub of the city of over a week! In addition to forcing many businesses to incur losses they can ill afford, we are spending almost 3 Billion Rupees to host the conference!

The questions that remain to be answered is, do we as a country really need to be hosting this conference in the first place? We obviously have loads of other pressing matters to which this vast amount of time and money could be better used. But obviously the powers that decide everything on our behalf feel this is the perfect thing for Sri Lanka.

I wonder if any of the powers that be have even thought for a moment about the hundreds if not thousands of daily wage earners who work in and around their proposed high security zone? Very obviously with the security cordons in effect, the wholesale traders will not be able to get their lorries through without immense amount of hassle.

This in turn would probably prompt them to either reduce the number of shipments or shut down totally for those few days. The moment this happens hundreds of porters who depend on the wholesalers for daily work lose any chance of being able to sustain themselves. Have any measures been put in place by the government to look into their plight?

Most likely, the entire Rajapaksa Clan will be seen swanning around with their multitude of security goons, hobnobbing it in style with the visiting dignitaries and getting their grinning mugs flashed worldwide courtesy of the foreign journo’s. The rest of Colombo on the other hand have 2 choices, grit our teeth and put up with being told for the umpteenth time where we can and can’t go in this “free and Democratic” country of ours, or pay through our noses and take a week long vacation to other parts of the country.

Whichever way one looks at the upcoming summit, it makes no sense. other than if you look at it with the new definition…..

The Stupid Attention Attempt (by) Rajapaksa Clan summit….!!!!