Stupid Attention Attempt (by) Rajapaksa Clan

Judging by the goings on in the country, this would probably be a better definition of the letters SAARC…!

In the midst of our country’s economy going from bad to worse, the wise rulers of our land have hatched yet another brilliant plan to shut down the commercial hub of the city of over a week! In addition to forcing many businesses to incur losses they can ill afford, we are spending almost 3 Billion Rupees to host the conference!

The questions that remain to be answered is, do we as a country really need to be hosting this conference in the first place? We obviously have loads of other pressing matters to which this vast amount of time and money could be better used. But obviously the powers that decide everything on our behalf feel this is the perfect thing for Sri Lanka.

I wonder if any of the powers that be have even thought for a moment about the hundreds if not thousands of daily wage earners who work in and around their proposed high security zone? Very obviously with the security cordons in effect, the wholesale traders will not be able to get their lorries through without immense amount of hassle.

This in turn would probably prompt them to either reduce the number of shipments or shut down totally for those few days. The moment this happens hundreds of porters who depend on the wholesalers for daily work lose any chance of being able to sustain themselves. Have any measures been put in place by the government to look into their plight?

Most likely, the entire Rajapaksa Clan will be seen swanning around with their multitude of security goons, hobnobbing it in style with the visiting dignitaries and getting their grinning mugs flashed worldwide courtesy of the foreign journo’s. The rest of Colombo on the other hand have 2 choices, grit our teeth and put up with being told for the umpteenth time where we can and can’t go in this “free and Democratic” country of ours, or pay through our noses and take a week long vacation to other parts of the country.

Whichever way one looks at the upcoming summit, it makes no sense. other than if you look at it with the new definition…..

The Stupid Attention Attempt (by) Rajapaksa Clan summit….!!!!

4 Responses to “Stupid Attention Attempt (by) Rajapaksa Clan”

  1. DeeCee Says:

    haah good acronym. i agree. gosh how i hate our politicos. saddest thing is, the honest masses of this country will still agree with the sad going ons. ignorant bastards. sigh.

  2. d Says:

    Hello you, after a longtime! Pauly whether we like it or not, the buggers are blessed with a lot of luck, and actually with a wee bit of foresight and planning.

    Whatever that is written now and will be written after SAARC, in a time of recession and international condemnation (?!?) Sri Lanka is sending the west an important message. Bad governance or not India and Pakistan back us. This is very important.

    Whether the LTTE like it or not, and obviously this will be a big blow for them internationally, SAARC despite the huge security blanket will be held in CMB!

    Win or lose, we don’t know, war is being pursued and fought aggressively in the north. Not having a ready pool of people to recruit and losing the east must hurt the LTTE. In a temporary lapse of madness, which we all know he is, the leader of the LTTE might be tempted into making a mistake. We very know politically SAARC is sending the LTTE a strong message of solidarity with the SLGOV.

    The west may not give a shit about us, but Pakistan and India give them reason to stay involved, you have to be in it, to win it.

    As a former fan of Mahinda Mama now delegated to just an ardent nationalist who loves Sri Lanka, SAARC, regional support; these must be the little cues that should give us faith. I mourn the loss of a strong opposition in Sri Lanka. And this we both know, the loss of the opposition is not a coincidence, it was well planned and executed. ☺

  3. thekillromeoproject Says:

    Hey D,

    I’m well and truly surprised to hear you use the words “former fan”….!!

    But I definitely do agree with you on the point of a lack of a strong opposition. That’s definitely the one thing this country desperately needs!

  4. d Says:

    heh heh heh…

    Please note still an ardent nationalist! Even the hardcore ex-Mahinda Mama supporters like myself must now admit we have some serious problems in the Paradise Isle.

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