Whoa….!!! Lean Mean Hate Machine..!!!

Been following this for a few days now…. It’s quite insane….! Read the comments…!


8 Responses to “Whoa….!!! Lean Mean Hate Machine..!!!”

  1. ange Embuldeniya Says:

    i think we’re just feeding that troll (anti-gay patriot) because obviously the person is just so full of sh*t to not see the light out there 😉 Isn’t very good to keep feeding such trolls 😉 but let’s see if the person is genuine enough to have me arrested 🙂 my name is out there anyways and I’ve invited the not-so-polite person to do so 😀

    i am not afraid of being arrested for my sexuality, and am sure there are others out there as well 😉 who believe in the same, however, i’d like to see the end of the person’s pointless threats 🙂

  2. choknuti Says:

    Actually the troll was somewhat amusing.

    IMHO there is a problem that these events could result in antagonizing the mainstream instead of promoting understanding (as someone in that forum had noted), but then again sociology is not my speciality. Has anyone conducted any study to find out the most effective way to promote understanding? I think a grassroots educational project should be more fruitful than these big events.

  3. Whackster Says:


  4. Melody Says:

    hi hi. how have u been? dont know you personally but thought it’s time for a new post yeah?

  5. thekillromeoproject Says:

    Thanks for the reminder Melody, I know it’s been a really long time, but there’s been a lot going on and it seems to have sorta silenced the muse in me….. Hopefully it’s just temporary…. 🙂

  6. choknuti Says:

    yeah Paul hope you find your muse soon 😉

  7. Melody Says:

    yeah – can you get the muse to work please? : )
    this blog need an update!!!!!

  8. thekillromeoproject Says:

    Looks like you managed to wake the muse up Melody…. Thanks…!!

    In the words of one of my favourite authors…. “To anyone who knows a writer, never underestimate the power of encouragement”…..

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