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October 3, 2008

Its been a really long time since i sat down to write something on this blog. One of the main reasons is that I seem to have beeen quite brain dead and haven’t even been able to find anything that has worked me up to do a good rant even. And for those of you who have read some of the stuff on here, me not ranting is quite strange ya? I think I’ve covered the whole spectrum in my peeved rants, from office to politics and almost everything inbetween.

But lately there’s been a lot of changes happening in my life and they seem to have sent my muse into a sort of hibernation from which she or he is still trying to awaken. These changes have been quite profound and are still in the process of happening. And i don’t see them coming to a close anytime soon.

I guess that’s what I wanted to write about in here. About how changes in certain areas of our lives can affect other areas….. or something like that anyway.

We all live our lives knowing that changes happen on a daily basis. I mean you can’t have your life remain the same for ever and ever right? Changes happen and we deal with them by either fighting or adjusting to accomodate them in our lives. There’s no other way to handle it.

But what do you do with changes that are so profound that they set off a chain reaction that affects almost every single aspect of your life? From your family to your friends and even your workplace buddies? I mean its somewhat easy to handle a change that say affects the place you work at or a change that’s something to do with a friend. But combine them all together and it sort of starts to get a bit overwhelming ya?

It’s the sorta thing that happens when you kick a seemingly small pebble down a mountain side and it sets off a landslide that changes the whole landscape as you know it. You know at the back of your mind that even if it doesn’t set off something big, the chances are, it’ll still hit someone on the head and cause quite a lot of pain. The worst part is being the sort of person who can never resist the temptation to kick it anyway…! The thing is, once the landslide is over and the dust has settled you have no choice but to get off your butt and start to pick up the pieces ya? But it’s a much harder thing to know what to do when the landslide is still going on all around you….!!

Right now, everything I have sorta taken for granted is being changed, some things very slowly and others overnight. So I’m sitting in the middle of the landslide right now and trying to foresee where and when its all going to end. Just trying to watch out for each and every sliding, bouncing, flying piece of rock is getting to be pretty impossible. Nothing seems to be fixed any more…

But, now that I’ve kicked that pebble and started the landslide, I guess I’ve just got two choices, to either curl up into a ball and hope that I’ll survive it or grab a boogey board and try to ride it all the way down the mountainside….!!

What do you guys think?