Pleasure Principal….???

Ok…. I sincerely hope that I’m wrong about this…. But has anyone noticed that the ‘Pleasure Principal’ blog doesn’t exist anymore?? Did I like miss something somewhere…. like a notification that she was going off the air?

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16 Responses to “Pleasure Principal….???”

  1. lady divine Says:

    Only after seeing this post did I notice….
    wonder why she deleted her blog…..

  2. Zephyr Says:

    Principle NOT Principal.

  3. DD Says:

    With all the kids from Anuradhapura and the heartland of Sri Lanka being on Kottu, maybe it’s a good thing?
    I always believed that at least that general warning for adult content should have come up on that blog?
    GROBR I say!

  4. confab Says:

    i think plenty of ppl figured out who she was.
    anonymity was kinda lost?

  5. Jack Point Says:

    I sometimes wondered if she was for real.

  6. Pink Mist Says:

    I reckon she was very much for real, isnt it sad that having an exciting sex life in Sri Lanka is considered so unlikely? Says something doesn’t it.

  7. Soixante Neuf Says:

    TheKillRomeoProject: Thanks for the post. I can’t explain why I took it down. But it was amazing while it lasted. Thanks for your comments in the past 🙂

    DD: Speaking of adult content, remember those fabulous specimens of “erotic” writing you posted on my site? News Flash: You’re a pathetic old guy who has way too much time on his hands. Seriously. Get a life.

    JP: I am for real 🙂

    Pink Mist: Your comment was fabulous. Thanks.

  8. Raven Says:

    What I hated was that a Sri Lankan woman who was finally open and free about her sexuality (real or not) was subject to so much criticism? I mean, last time I checked, it was 2008 wasn’t it? Pity. She will be missed.

  9. DD Says:

    Pink Mist
    The writing style was every man’s fantasy, therefore I presumed she was male. As for exciting sex lives in Sri Lanka, you definitely are wrong. Sri Lankan’s couple like rabbits, anywhere, any place. We put Americans to shame.

  10. DeeCee Says:

    lol for DD. 🙂

  11. Pink Mist Says:

    DD – what do you mean her style appealed to men and therefore she was probably a man? i felt it was too emotional/lyrical to be a guy. and she looked at things the way a girl would.

    teeheehee… wellll… i think the rabbits are a small percentage of sri lankans, not the general rule.

  12. thekillromeoproject Says:

    @ Confab : Maybe I’m a bit on the slow side…. but I never figured out who she was….!!

    @ DD : With the amount of porn that’s on the net these days, I really don’t think her writing was going to be the single most corrupting influence of our ‘innocent’ rural kids….. lol…

    @ 69 : Thanks for the comment…. makes me feel kinda better to know you’re still out there…. 🙂 Hopefully I’ll hear from you on a regular basis.

    @ Pink Mist : Totally agree with you.

  13. thekillromeoproject Says:

    Oh…. and Zephyr…. It was the whole trauma of finding the Pleasure Principle site missing that affected my spelling….. 😀

  14. The Whackster Says:

    another one bites the dust eh.. immediately after st. fallen’s exit too. pity. that this happens. we should practice defiance i say! say what we want when we want it..

  15. DD Says:

    69: My apologies if I have hurt you in anyway, which was not my intention. Someone wanted your IP, so the only way I could get it was to make you react. We thought you were a very good friend of ours, that was all. I wish you the best and do hope you will make a comeback. Once again, please accept my sincere apologies. And yes I quite accept I am a pathetic old man with way too much time in his hands. Which BTW I do enjoy! xx

    Everybody: Yes, it was fun while it lasted as since lately the posts appearing on ‘kottu’ seem to have lost some of the usual bite…

    Romeo: Porn on the net – please google ‘pron tube’! Misspellings right – ‘pron’.

  16. Peace Says:

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