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Responsibility or Democracy….?

December 5, 2008

I was reading a post the other day that discussed the political goings-on in Thailand. This particular blogger had made an interesting point in saying the students and activists involved in the protests had usurped a democratically elected government through the use of force.

The question that crossed my mind was, is this true? The right of the majority to elect a government of their choice is one of the very pillars of democracy right? Then I guess the answer to my questions would be, yes, the students and other activists have definitely done something wrong and gone against all accepted norms of democracy.

But, what happens when the democratically elected government of a particualr country is making a total mess of things and the outcome is a future that’s both economic and social ruin?

Well, I’m sure most people’s answer would be that the masses would vote them out of power and re-elect a suitable government. I guess that answer could work. But, what if the government is exploiting the nationalistic fervor of the majority and also abusing the fact that the majority does not see the bigger picture, on a global economic scale?

As kids we’ve all been taught, that if we see something wrong being done, we should stand up and do whatever we can to stop it right? After all, someone who’s doing something wrong, shouldn’t be allowed to carry on doing it with impunity right?

Unfortunately, this doesnt seem to happen when it comes to certain politicians and heads of state. We all see what’s being done, we know it’s wrong, but we just shrug our shoulders and carry on. In doing so, are we not also shrugging off the responsibility of being true citizens of our country?

So, what do we do….?

Do we sit back and claim that no matter what happens, no one has the right to evict a government that has been democratically elected by the majority…?


Do we accept there are certain instances in which the more knowledgeable citizens of a country have to stand up for what is right for the future of their country, even if in doing so they are throwing away the democratic rights of the majority…?

Would like to know what others have to say on this…