Sri Lanka loses…. again…!

With the death of Lasantha Wickramatunga yet another Sri Lankan voice has been suppressed by the might of the gun.

Surely, no matter what your political affiliation may be,  whatever your stance may be on terrorism or counter terrorism, you must admit that we as a nation have lost again.

I’m sure the coming days will see accusations, counter accusations, plots and counter plots, and the usual finger pointing and name calling ad nauseum. But nothing can take away the cold, hard facts…

Sri Lanka is slowly but surely being turned into an  intellectual wasteland and we as a country and a nation are on the losing end of the deal!


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4 Responses to “Sri Lanka loses…. again…!”

  1. TheWhacksteR Says:

    you got that right brother. also in danger of turning into a dictatorship if you ask me. since we can safely say now that ‘democracy’ and the freedoms associated with it are safely chucked out the door.

  2. citizen Says:

    Soon or later truth will come out. the goats with lion skin will be responsible for all murders happen in sri lanka. no matter the ethnic group/ religion etc.. The mass murder comitted in Sri Lanka is covered and supported by the public . Public should be aware what the politicians are doing. Sri Lanka is a demo Crazy. Innocent lives are been sacrificed in the name of the country.

  3. Gehan Says:

    it breaks my heart… what are we coming to?

  4. cerno Says:

    You are starting to sound like my father! The only difference was he’s been saying that as long as I can remember.

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