Tamil Genocide in Sri Lanka…

Lately, wherever I seem to go on the net, the words ‘genocide’ and ‘Sri Lanka’ seem to be linked together like Siamese twins, so I thought I would look the word up, just to see if it actually meant what I thought it did.

This is what Wikipedia has to say about it,

“any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such: killing members of the group; causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life, calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; [and] forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.”[1]

Having read this, I somehow have to agree that it’s justified for the International Community (IC) to associate Sri Lanka and genocide when it comes to what is happening to the Tamil population.

But, I think the IC and all those others who are jumping on the genocide bandwagon, seem to have made a bit of a ‘boo boo’ when it comes to placing the blame on who’s actually responsible for this situation.

When looking at the Wikipedia definition and comparing it to what has been done to the Tamil population over the past 30 years, I’m more and more inclined to think that it’s the LTTE who have been and are continuing to be the perpetrators of a genocide on their own people.

I may be wrong, but let’s take a look at the definition point by point and see how it works out ya?

“any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group”

The Tamil people of Sri Lanka definitely do fall into the Ethnical group category, so that’s ok.

“killing members of the group”

The past track record of the LTTE and even their present strategy has been to systematically assassinate leading Tamil citizens and even use their suicide bombers in places where Tamil refugees gather.

“causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;”

Here again, when we look at what the LTTE has done to members of the Tamil community, and continue to do by preventing them from crossing over to declared safe zones, it’s pretty easy to see the extreme bodily and mental harm being deliberately inflicted on the civilians.

“deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life, calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;”

Right now many thousands of civilians are being deliberately held in a war zone by the LTTE in the twisted hope that the ever increasing destitution and loss of life will trigger a last minute rescue mission by the IC. So it seems the LTTE is making a ‘calculated’ move to bring about the ‘physical destruction’ of these people.

“imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;”

I believe there was much publicity given to the extreme discipline that was enforced within the ranks of the LTTE, any co-habitation between members of the opposite sex was strictly prohibited by the leadership. Now, IMHO, this would definitely fall under the category of ‘imposing measures’ that prevent births within this community.

“[and] forcibly transferring children of the group to another group”

With the final point of the definition I was a little stuck, but then what about the many child soldiers who have been forcibly recruited by the LTTE? Isn’t it true that they have been ‘forcibly transferred’ from their family group and put into a ‘group’ that is only interested in changing them from children into foot soldiers?

Judging from the above definition, it seems quite plain that the LTTE and Prabhakaran have very deliberately gone about destroying the entire future of the Tamil people of Sri Lanka. They have created an attitude of animosity towards the Tamils in general, killed and maimed thousands of Tamils, turned the future generations into canon fodder and presently continue to put thousands of innocent civilians in the direct line of fire.

So where then should the ‘genocide’ accusations of the IC actually fall?

I think it’s high time the IC and the Tamil people around the world came to their senses and actually look at the immense amount of destruction the LTTE have caused in the name of so called independence and freedom!

19 Responses to “Tamil Genocide in Sri Lanka…”

  1. apelogic Says:

    You said it. :))

  2. DD Says:

    Genocide in the developing world and the fight against it is to the connivance of the international democratic community.
    Their effectiveness and actual willingness to end some atrocities are to their convenience. i.e. Gaza.

  3. indi Says:

    interesting angle. The genocide word is vague and loaded. I don’t really think it applies here. The state is, fundamentally not trying to kill off Tamils. There has to be some response when elected leaders are constantly being killed and land and people occupied. I personally think the response could be more judicious and that Tamil people are not really get a fair shake. But it’s a far cry from genocide

  4. thekillromeoproject Says:

    I definitely agree with you Indi. The point I was making (or trying to), was that if the International Community wants to accuse anyone of ‘genocide’… the LTTE are a much bigger and more suitable candidate than the Government.

  5. beyondframe Says:

    It is a joint effort. While LTTE lift the ball up the dash is played by the Government. They are playing for the same side though they appear as opponents (at least with respect to genocide).

  6. Sam Says:

    Most of the people look at the tree and miss the forest. Now, there is no such a Genocide in Sri Lanka, we all know that. But the whole effect of paining there is Genocide in Sri Lanka, and somehow the war against LTTE is equal to Genocide picture they just painted, is something more of less like a soap advertising campaign, targeted specific audience, just like every other advertising campaign.

    People, who want to find reason to comfort their assumptions about themselves and others, will find comfort in those kinds of statements. Those are the people who thinks others do not respect human rights and such a things, and they are the protectors of those things and others carry out horrible crimes like genocide in regular basis and they are there to stop those things because they are better, will find comfort in listening to those sort of things.

    Don’t agree with beyondframe. It is true it take two people to play ball. But government by it is birth have a responsibility to protect it is borders. Tamils in elsewhere, (upcountry, south, etc..), may have to go through trouble because of the racial profiling (and it is wrong. You and I have common ground there), but they live in relative peace. Wonder why? Because they are not criminals like LTTE. If by any chance Sinhalese behave the same way like LTTE doing, government will also act the same way they are behaving now. Oops. I forgot. They already did and government already treated them the same way. Two times.

  7. indi.ca » On MIA Says:

    […] I think the only genocidal forces in Sri Lanka have been the insurrection JVP and the LTTE (as per Kill Romeo’s thoughts). Sri Lanka can obviously do better by its Tamil citizens, but there is no systematic campaign to […]

  8. AlanWhitmore Says:

    Actually the most recent 45 page Human Rights Watch report indicates that “The government of Sri Lanka has been ‘indiscriminately’ shelling into government declared ‘safe zones’, killing hundreds of civilians.”

    “The government makes safe zones and encourages Tamils in the conflict zone to gather there, and goes off and fires multi-barrel rocket launchers at them.” Dr. Anna Neistat of HRW

    Over 2000 have been killed by the Sri Lankan Army in the last 2 months, all of them Tamil.

    I think this falls into Genocide.

    Dr. Anna Neistat of Human Rights Watch told a US Senate foreign relations committee during a hearing on Sri Lanka that, “The government has expelled aid groups, media, independent journalists, and the HRW in a clear attempt to cover its abuses.”

    Bob Dietz told the US Senate at the hearing “It is with certainty that elements of the government are responsible for the killings of journalists who speak out. No one has been prosecuted or brought to justice.”

    What do they have to hide? why expel aid groups? journalists?

    Those who speak out against the Sri Lankan Government are killed, even if you are Sinhalese (government ethnicity) ie. Lasantha Wickramatunga who was shot and killed 2 months ago for criticizing the Government’s military offensive in the North.

    The Sri Lankan Government has even rejected a specially appointed British Envoy to Sri Lanka, after over 100,000 protestors in london came out pressuring Britain to take action.

    Now you tell me, your going to blame a rebel group, LTTE? We know they are not in line with the law, but for the Sri Lankan Government to shell and kill its Tamil people…. NOW THATS GENOCIDE.

  9. Abisha Says:

    Thank you AlanWhitmore!
    I am from Sri Lanka and suprise suprise, I am Tamil. It is natural to think that I will be biased about this situation because of my background, yet I will try my best to spread the truth. I believe this ignorance of people is the reason why so many die in my country. Yet I blame none of you. We are not exposed to the horrors that go on in the country because the media is not allowed to report on it. We need officials to realize that this is not about the terrorist group LTTE but those that are killed in the most unimaginable ways.
    Now to LTTE; their tactics are the reason of why they are labeled as terrorists, but what do you expect. It was quoted on this article that young boys have the choice of joining the LTTE or dying in the hands of the government. This may seem as an exaggeration, but unfortunately it is not. Little boys have no chance in surviving in a country where the target is not only those fighting for freedom but the innocent tamil civilians that don’t join the warfare. And also, I have not yet heard from the news of the LTTE killing civilians in the atrocious amounts that the government has been. Now numbers of lives do not matter because 1 life is the equivalent as any number; it is a life. But there is a point when one can’t be naive anymore and we have to see that the tamil people are suffering more than almost any other race of people.
    Please do not argue back and forth on this topic. There is enough fighting going on. What we need to do now, is help innocent people from dying. A life is a life, do not allow others from taking it away or preventing you from saving one. PLEASE HELP THIS CAUSE IN SOME WAY POSSIBLE. INFORMING AS MANY AS YOU CAN OF THIS HORROR IS THE BEST THING TO DO!

    • thekillromeoproject Says:

      @ Abisha,
      I definitely agree with you regarding your view on stopping the killing of innocents. But I firmly believe the first step to this is for the LTTE to make a honest gesture of laying down their arms in order to save the Tamil people.

      If as they constantly claim, their only desire is the safety and well being of the Tamil people, then they should accept this war is doing irreparable damage to these very same people and stop their militancy.

  10. Rabbit Says:

    you shingala monks wont stop the genocide till you see blood tear on your Buddha’s eyes… i can guarantee it and of course he will punish you such a way that the world will think twice before even it think of hurting another human being… wait and see…

  11. thekillromeoproject Says:

    @ Rabbit – Just to make it clear, I’m not a Sinhalese nor am I a Buddhist. If you read some of my other posts you will find that I have been highly critical of the GOSL too.

    But I still firmly believe the time has come for the LTTE to end their armed struggle and try to work towards the realisation of the Tamil aspirations through peaceful means.

    The scenario has changed much over the past 30 years, the eyes of the world are focused on Sri Lanka and now may be the best time for the LTTE to push for a political settlement that’s acceptable to all.

    Thanks for your comment.

  12. Kuna Says:

    As you would have already known from many international media outlets, LTTE is ready for political settlement, but My only question is that : Is the Sri Lankan government ready to change its Sinhalese Buddhist Ideology based constitution?. The EU, USA, Japan, Norway etc.. etc.. know that this is not going to happen.

    The sinhala mindset from 1948 is to eradicate tamils from Sri lanka and make it a Sinhala Buddhist nation.

    If you read some history about Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) then you will have some knowledge about the thamil striggle in Sri Lanka and the reason for LTTE came into exixtance in 1976.

    • thekillromeoproject Says:

      @ Kuna,

      “The sinhala mindset from 1948 is to eradicate tamils from Sri lanka and make it a Sinhala Buddhist nation. “

      I think this comment is unfair, just because some politicians in the past have chosen to preach and promote racism, doesn’t mean all Sinhalese people want to get rid of the Tamils. According to your equation, I should then point towards the LTTE and say all Tamils want the Sinhalese and Muslims eradicated (which i know is untrue). Please don’t judge an entire race by the actions of a few.

      “If you read some history about Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) then you will have some knowledge about the thamil struggle in Sri Lanka and the reason for LTTE came into existence in 1976.”

      There’s no argument that the Tamil people have legitimate grievances to be addressed, but as I replied to another comment above, I firmly believe the time has come for the LTTE to turn away from an armed struggle and look at other options in which to solve these grievances.

      Sri Lanka is in the focus of the international community right now, and it would be quite impossible for them not to address these grievances if they’re put across in a non-violent method. A method that’s not backed up by the threat of violence. Remember, we aren’t living in the 70’s or 80’s anymore. For Sri Lanka to be an accepted part of the international community in the future, they will definitely have to start taking action.

      IMHO, the continued militant campaign of the LTTE is doing nothing but further alienating the Tamil people and doing more harm than good for the people living in Sri Lanka.

      Thanks for your comment

  13. passionatelypatient Says:

    I completely agree with you thekillromeoproject, you’ve taken the words right out of my heart and put them out in print.

    Great post.

  14. passionatelypatient Says:

    thanks also for clearing up and defining genocide. Was a very educational post…! I really can’t agree with some of the people who have commented though … you rightfully reply them (again, just as I would have if I were given the opportunity to express myself)

  15. Passionatelypatient Says:

    You remind me of exactly why you’re on my blogroll πŸ™‚

  16. thekillromeoproject Says:

    Thanks Passion…!! πŸ™‚

  17. madbid Says:


    […]Tamil Genocide in Sri Lanka… « TheKillRomeoProject[…]…

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