Like love, hatred too is blind…

There’s a famous and much over used line that says ‘love is blind’ but I guess the same thing can also be said to be true about hatred.

With the lives of thousands of innocent civilians hanging in the balance, more and more leaders of the international community have been making appeals to the LTTE to lay down their arms and surrender in order to bring about an end to the bloodshed.

While this seems very heartening to note, I couldn’t help but notice the amount of messages floating around the blogosphere that calls for a continued armed struggle. Even if it means that every single civilian is forced to bear arms and be killed in a vain attempt to buy time for the beleaguered LTTE leadership!

While I do understand to some extent the feelings of the Tamil diaspora, I really find it hard to relate to the fact that they can continue to call for the war to continue. I mean aren’t they even a little bit affected by the way in which these civilians are suffering?

When visiting certain pro LTTE blog sites, it’s pretty obvious that the most vociferous of these voices belong to a generation of Tamils who have never even set foot in Sri Lanka. Yet they insist on commenting about how Tamils are being systematically wiped out throughout the country. How can they make these claims without ever having visited Colombo or any other part of Sri Lanka?

One such comment went like this:

“Better the children die fighting the genocidal sinhalese, rather than surrender and be murdered by them. Should they be tortured and have their necks cut with a knife, like many in Jaffna? Or should they stand like men with guns in their hand giving their lives to protect their people?…”

How can anyone in their right minds make such a statement?

These are children you’re talking about for God’s sake! Children who should be given the right to have a future that’s not decided for them by someone who sits in the comforts of a western country and feels very patriotic about sending a few dollars every month for the purchase of arms and ammunition!

If anyone feels they have a right to fight for a separate homeland, that’s their own prerogative, and they should have the courage to stand up and fight for their beliefs. But when instead they decide to live thousands of miles away from the fighting and scream encouragement to children to take up arms and die for these beliefs, it just proves them to be heartless cowards who are blinded by hatred.

It seems the LTTE if nothing else have achieved one thing. They have taken a peace loving community and changed it into a hate spewing monstrosity that seems blind even to the deaths of its future generations.

So i guess as far as certain elements of the Tamil diaspora are concerned, hatred is blind, is the most popular axiom to live by.


3 Responses to “Like love, hatred too is blind…”

  1. Scrumpulicious Says:

    It really bugs me when members of the diaspora sit in their comfy homes and encourage this slaughter of innocent children whether that be as soldiers or as civilians. They are the biggest load of cowards that I have ever come across. Especially those that have never been to SL, never been to the homeland that they’re giving so much support to!

    I just wish we could open the eyes to those that are blinded!

  2. Human Says:

    That’s true! Hatred is of course blind. The LTTE supporters among the diaspora (who are the mojority sadly) are just ignorant and crazy. They don’t seem to realize that it is the LTTE that has put civilians this hopeless situation. And it is the LTTE that brought Mahindha to power in the first place. And it is they who badly wanted to re start the war. Now the ordinary people just don’t have any good option. They can stay in the LTTE controlled areas and die. Hundreds are dieing everyday. Bodies are everywhere. They are on the streets. Even people with minor injuries bleed to death on the streets because there is nobody to help them. Hospitals are shelled although these things are not widely reported and dismissed as LTTE propaganda. But on the other hand those who try to leave are beaten up by LTTE and in some cases I have heard that people trying to escape were shot dead by the LTTE( unverified information but possibly true) . Then there are people who don’t want to leave because one of their family members were forcibly conscripted by the LTTE. Such people are usually targeted and killed by special hit squads sponsored by the government (mostly made up by EPDP members and Pillayan’s men). And usually military victories in the North by the forces are followed by a huge killing and raping spree. So the statement that people who enter government controlled areas will “be tortured and have their necks cut with a knife” is not really baseless. And people from LTTE areas are held in special camps with no access to international aid agencies and journalists. (Guess why?) And as for the government – if they are capable of killing a well known journalist like lasantha in Colombo in broad daylight then what defense do these people from LTTE controlled areas have? The government and the forces treat them as LTTE supporters while the LTTE treats them dirt. Already burnt up bodies have begun to appear in some parts of vavunia.

    Only and evacuation sponsored by foreign aid agencies would save the remaining people there. But sadly that seems very unlikely.

    As for those diaspora Tamils who were supporting and funding the LTTE while their own children have a safe and comfortable life in foreign countries, it is not surprising that they are still thirsty for more war. It is more like a cricket match for them.

  3. choknuti Says:

    Some pretty strong claims made against the government there Human. Do you have any facts to back that up?

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