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A fat Indian cow ‘moos’ in desperation!

April 30, 2009

Was just surfing through the latest headlines on various news sites, when I came across a really shocking one!

“Will have Indian army create Tamil Elam – Jayalalitha”

Apparently in a pre-election speech made in TamilNadu, Jayalalitha has openly promised that if she is voted into power, she will promptly send in the Indian army to forcibly carve out an independent country in Sri Lanka’s north and east!

My very first reaction was a stunned ‘WTF…????’ and even now I’m having serious issues with dealing with such a statement. Who the hell does this fat, aging politician from TamilNadu think she is?

Having seen all the ‘concerned’ and ‘sorrowing’ politicians in TamilNadu get up to various publicity stunts in order to try and claw their way to power in the forthcoming elections, I’m tempted to write this speech off as yet another such comical ploy.

But then again, I’m fucking insulted!  Does this fat cow seriously think we Sri Lankans are just going to sit back and accept the fact that some dosai and wadai eating hoard of Indians are in our country to set up a separate state for the glorification of a maniacal killer?

We Sri Lankans have been through thirty years of terror thanks to the constant interfering of these very same TamilNadu politicians. It’s true, they’ve at various times nurtured and attacked the LTTE according to what the prevailing political climate, but overall they have a lot to answer for when it comes to the success of the LTTE and their terror tactics.

Now, just as we’re on the verge on defeating this psychopath and his leadership, up pops a geriatric cow in TamilNadu, making promises to invade Sri Lanka and do exactly what the LTTE failed to do!

I just have one thing to say to this old cow….

Go stick the Indian army and Tamil Eelam up your fat ass, cos there’s certainly enough room in there for them all…!!


None so blind as those who will not see

April 29, 2009

With the present war situation seemingly drawing to a close, more and more people are focusing on the plight of the IDP’s and how we can help them. This is definitely a cause that warrants all of our involvement. We need to be doing our utmost at this time for these people.

But what really gets to me, is seeing the continued protests by certain elements of the Tamil Diaspora around the world. They continue to wave the LTTE flag, block roads and even use their kids to hold posters with gruesome images. All in the vain attempt to call on the international community to save the LTTE and their sociopath leader!

It simply boggles my mind as to how these people cannot see what’s happening to the innocent Tamils of the North and East because of the continued armed militancy of the LTTE. They have ample evidence at their fingertips of how bad the situation is for the people still being held hostage by the LTTE and yet they continue to scream and shout about how the LTTE is the sole voice of representation for the Tamil people!

I wonder when, if ever, these elements will finally accept that a mistake was made by them in supporting a megalomaniac who wanted to be elevated to the status of a god. Maybe it’s just that they don’t want to admit to themselves how badly they were fooled by the ‘Sun God’ who was willing to sacrifice thousands of innocents just to achieve his personal dreams.

On the other hand, I was having a little chat with a colleague in office, and was once again amazed at the blindness displayed by him. Of course, this time around the blindness was directed towards the corruption and abuse of power that’s rampant in the ruling powers that be!

He was absolutely adamant in his opinion that the present leaders and their allies in power can do no wrong. Even when confronted with the numerous stunts pulled by the now infamous Doctor politico and his son, the recent shooting incidents that happened during the PC elections, his reaction was just to smirk annoyingly and brush them off as simply nothing compared to what others used to do when in power. Once again even with ample evidence of corruption and abuse available at his fingertips, this person simply refused to accept any truth in such allegations.

I find myself asking the question, was the line ‘none so blind as he who will not see’ written many ages ago with us Sri Lankans in mind?

Isn’t it high time we Sri Lankans, both resident and diaspora, stopped behaving like the fabled frog in the well and opened our eyes to what’s actually going on? Maybe the day we can achieve that as a country is when we’ll actually have a future to pass on to our kids.

Until then, I think the line stands as a one line description of most Sri Lankans, whatever race they may be…

Of Lunatics and Trolls…!

April 24, 2009

OK…! Where do I even begin to start? To say things have been quite interesting would be quite the understatement. To say things have been amusing would be very apt!

As most of you would know by now, there’s been a mini war of sorts happening on kottu for the last couple of days, and it seems to have got quite a lot of attention. Which I personally believe was the whole intention of one very frustrated female out there. Of course another well known sociopath also decided the time was perfect to increase the hit count on his blog by jumping on the band wagon! All in the name of protecting little miss frustrated!

The female of the species, who at first I assumed was just another innocent blogger, started out by being quite fawning over everything I would post, and I must admit, it gave my ego quite the little thrill! But then things started changing and she started taking on the characteristics normally associated with creatures who live under stone bridges (For those of you not too familiar with this subject, legend has it that Trolls tend to live under bridges).

Unfortunately, this phase of her evolution was very short lived, and she soon started manifesting all the signs of being more a very mentally disturbed person than your average Troll. She started posting malicious stories about actual people whom she seems to think exist only in her imagination! I’m sure these people will be very surprised to find out they only exist in this frustrated lunatic’s mind! Imagine the horror of that, being trapped in that mind with all the other weird and frustrated creatures she creates!

She then went on to follow in the extremely muddy footprints of another well known lunatic who happens to think of himself as educated, by posting pictures and personal details of these imaginary people, and that’s when the biggest shock occurred. These people were actually living, breathing, and according to her and her fans, very sexually active people!

The final piece in the puzzle that definitely confirms the mental status of this lunatic, is that she still continues to insist these people exist only in her mind!! Now this just boggles even my normally sane mind. I mean, are these people real or not?

Having tried to talk some sense into both the male and female versions of this new breed of blogger, I have come to the firm conclusion that my chances of achieving any success would be equal to trying to empty the ‘Thotalanga’ garbage dump with a toy bulldozer!

So, what does one do in this situation? Well, I guess I can do what the Drummer Boy from London did and maintain a dignified silence or I can check myself into the same asylum these two lunatics occupy and try and chase them around screaming madly into their ears! Neither of which sound very nice to me.

Or there’s the more attractive option, which I know may sound a tad cruel to some of you more open minded people, which is to stand outside their little glass cells and make fun of them! It’s actually amazing the tantrums these two lunatics throw when they realize that someone has recognized them for what they are, and then starts laughing at them!

They tend to start hurling threats of arrest, and firing from jobs and posting pictures, much like the lunatics at the asylum will resort to throwing their own shit at people who laugh at them! They also try another very effective lunatic tactic, which is to cry helplessly, claiming they’re actually the sanest person around and are being viciously victimized by aliens and other such evil creatures in the blogosphere!

Ok… Ok… I know this post has rambled a bit, but I guess that’s what happens when you hang around two very disturbed individuals. It makes your mind do funny things to itself!

All I wanted to actually say was, watch out for these two sociopathic lunatics while your strolling around the blogosphere, cos they’re probably waiting for their chance to take a quick dump in their hands and fling it at you. Also remember the signs and watch for others who exhibit them!

Cheers  🙂

Dear Oprah…

April 15, 2009

Having returned from a really long weekend, and checking through my mail, I came across some really shocking news!

It seems you are considering letting some poor college guys walk all the way from Toronto to Chicago just for the privilege of being on your show! Like I said, shocking!

But what’s even more shocking, is that you would even remotely consider allowing people who are openly supportive of a banned terrorist organisation to be given prime time coverage on your show!

I wonder if you would be as accommodating of a group of people who walked from Afghanistan to Chicago to air their views on how the government of the USA is carrying out a ‘genocide’ in their country and how the Al Quaeda is the one true voice of all Muslims the world over? Would they also be given a chance to voice their opinions?

Now I do understand that those volatile and ever shifting rating points are a very important factor in deciding what you do and don’t allow on your much watched show. But still, are even a million extra rating points, worth promoting the propaganda of a ruthless terror outfit that has been responsible for the deaths of thousands of people over the space of 30 years?

I find it quite sad that these young people who most probably have not ever set foot in Sri Lanka, have been fooled by the efficient propaganda machine that’s run by the LTTE. I mean, these guys are college students, couldn’t they be doing something a lot more worthwhile with their time than trudging through all kinds of weather just to be used as yet another mouthpiece?

Even as I write this, thousands of innocent Tamil people are being held hostage by the very terror organisation that you’re about to give much needed publicity to. They’re being used as human shields in order to save the life of an aging megalomaniac, who continues to commit horrendous acts of terror on the very people he claims to protect, while having the audacity to call himself their Sun God…!

Instead of falling for the same bullshit that MIA and Arundhati Roy have, why not use the position afforded to you by the grace of God to speak out against the terrorists who’re holding these people hostage and making them suffer untold misery and death?

The LTTE have only one interest at heart, and that is definitely not the betterment and well being of the Tamil people! All they care about is having total and absolute power over them, to use them as they see fit, be it as slave labour to build bunkers for the LTTE leadership to hide in or as convenient human shields behind which the ‘Sun God’ can hide his cowardly skin!

Enough is enough dear Oprah, fuck your rating points, there’re little kids dying out here in the war zone and your show is going to prolong their agony!

The Neanderthal Booruwa Competition!

April 8, 2009

Having a ball of a time reading all the posts floating around with regard to Nibras Bawa’s mind boggling (Not in a good way) post!

Having already made my opinion known on his blog, a thought crossed my mind (And that’s quite a rare occurance) we could have some fun

So here it is:


Very simple rules, HissyFits has already set the standard on being creative with NB’s initials. The challenge is to beat her with your own creative version!

Eg : Nonsensical Brat

So here’s hoping everyone has some fun with this, and please do let the anger show through, it’ll probably help with the inspiration!