Dear Oprah…

Having returned from a really long weekend, and checking through my mail, I came across some really shocking news!

It seems you are considering letting some poor college guys walk all the way from Toronto to Chicago just for the privilege of being on your show! Like I said, shocking!

But what’s even more shocking, is that you would even remotely consider allowing people who are openly supportive of a banned terrorist organisation to be given prime time coverage on your show!

I wonder if you would be as accommodating of a group of people who walked from Afghanistan to Chicago to air their views on how the government of the USA is carrying out a ‘genocide’ in their country and how the Al Quaeda is the one true voice of all Muslims the world over? Would they also be given a chance to voice their opinions?

Now I do understand that those volatile and ever shifting rating points are a very important factor in deciding what you do and don’t allow on your much watched show. But still, are even a million extra rating points, worth promoting the propaganda of a ruthless terror outfit that has been responsible for the deaths of thousands of people over the space of 30 years?

I find it quite sad that these young people who most probably have not ever set foot in Sri Lanka, have been fooled by the efficient propaganda machine that’s run by the LTTE. I mean, these guys are college students, couldn’t they be doing something a lot more worthwhile with their time than trudging through all kinds of weather just to be used as yet another mouthpiece?

Even as I write this, thousands of innocent Tamil people are being held hostage by the very terror organisation that you’re about to give much needed publicity to. They’re being used as human shields in order to save the life of an aging megalomaniac, who continues to commit horrendous acts of terror on the very people he claims to protect, while having the audacity to call himself their Sun God…!

Instead of falling for the same bullshit that MIA and Arundhati Roy have, why not use the position afforded to you by the grace of God to speak out against the terrorists who’re holding these people hostage and making them suffer untold misery and death?

The LTTE have only one interest at heart, and that is definitely not the betterment and well being of the Tamil people! All they care about is having total and absolute power over them, to use them as they see fit, be it as slave labour to build bunkers for the LTTE leadership to hide in or as convenient human shields behind which the ‘Sun God’ can hide his cowardly skin!

Enough is enough dear Oprah, fuck your rating points, there’re little kids dying out here in the war zone and your show is going to prolong their agony!


14 Responses to “Dear Oprah…”

  1. jadedshades Says:

    Hear Hear!!!!

  2. Veena Says:

    sad scene 😦 people need to be informed of all aspects of this. i hope the people who r gonna talk abt the issue on the show, r straight forward & objective instead of drama queens/kings.

  3. Liberal Lanka Says:

    After dictating what media can do and cannot do for so many years in SL we have almost forgotten the thing called freedom of expression.

    Let’s stick to our conviction that LTTE is the cause for the agony in wanni while leaving space for others to differ.

  4. Sachintha Says:

    Wonderfully written!
    But those jerks would never understand – when it’s concerned US, it’s terrorism and when the other nations are concerned, it is the fight for freedom. Sucks ifyou ask me.

  5. themissingsandwich Says:

    The only reason the LTTE have a voice with the international community is because of ’83. It was a terrible incident & the LTTE campaigned to gain ground as freedom fighters through it. That’s their stronghold & we have no answers for it. Catch 22?

  6. thekillromeoproject Says:

    The biggest problem is that the GOSL hasn’t got the proper people in place to counter these publicity stunts of the LTTE.

    We need people who can run a counter operation that will mobilize anti LTTE protests and campaigns on a world wide scale.

    If they get on Oprah, we should be able to put a team of guys on an equally popular show, at least by the very next day.

  7. YCK Says:

    Bravo!! Well said, As i did mention in the earlier pettition, would Oprah even consider if the Taliban, The Al Quaeda or the Somali pirates wanted to voice their opinion on the OW show??? I somehow doubt it!!!! The GOSL should sereiously consider hiing some person who could effectively counter these scathing terra propaganda!!!


  8. themissingsandwich Says:

    Well the LTTE have a successful PR campaign that’s lasted over 25 years. You think an nincompoop on this end can counter that? It’s seriously a sad state of affairs when the GOSL hasn’t realized that the real battle has taken place in the Vanni jungles and by turning a blind eye to it, the LTTE have gained higher ground with global opinion leaders.

  9. themissingsandwich Says:

    whoops. meant real battle HASN’T taken place in the Vanni jungles

  10. thekillromeoproject Says:

    The guys being used by the GOSL at the moment are doing their level best to counter the LTTE propaganda, but I believe they have reached the limit of their talents. Maybe the GOSL should even consider bringing in outside help, such as experienced PR agencies, to further boost the fight that’s happening in the international arena.

  11. David Blacker Says:

    Comparing these guys who wanna get on Oprah to the Taliban or Al Qaeda is absurd. If the LTTE asked to get on Oprah they’d be told to fuck off too. The point is these guys — and the protestors all over Europe — are seen as concerned Tamils, and nothing more. If you watch enough European and North American TV you’ll see that there’s lots of dialogue tolerated about Iraq, Afghanistan, Guantanamo, etc. We aren’t being victimized here.

    And also let’s have a bit of perspective here. For all these protests, the governments of the world have done jack. They do know what’s really going on. Just today the Brit foreign secretary has acknowledged that the LTTE is holding human shields.

    As for hiring PR agencies, it’s unrealistic to expect anything like that to happen from the GoSL side. Anyone who’s had to work with them in advertising or PR will know the problems there. Unfortunately, most of the GoSL spokespersons can barely string an English sentence together during an interview unless it’s off a written statement. Anyone who heard the NDTV phone interview with Rambukwelle on the night of the last Tiger air raid would have hadtrouble understanding anything he was saying. There are a few articulate people such as Dayan Jayatillake, etc, but they aren’t being used properly.

  12. Anne Says:

    Finally some fearless person speaks out against LTTE. This man is a hero , a British parliamentarian.

  13. passionatelypatient Says:

    congrats on being the most popular post this week! and deservedly so too!!

  14. thekillromeoproject Says:

    Thanks PP

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